Is She A Jerk For Not Thanking Her Husband For Doing This For The Baby.

Parenting is a full-time job. Working together as a team to be the best parents you can be is essential if you’re in a relationship, and although it may be enjoyable, it can also be a bit of a difficult challenge. If you’re a lady who is the primary caregiver for your kids, having your husband watch the kids is just him being a dad; it’s not “babysitting.” Taking care of children is challenging, clumsy, draining, and even unpleasant. Read the story and share your views on this story.

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I’m on maternity leave. My husband works 4 10’s. After work today I told him to feed the baby and distract him if he gets fussy so that I could have a chance to go through my clothes.

I’m returning to work soon and I still have some baby weight so I need to see if anything fits. I can technically do this while my husband is at work but the kiddo was really fussy and I was working through a new recipe so I didn’t have the time.

Later on in the evening my husband made a comment about how he didn’t get to rest after work and how I didn’t even thank him for helping me out tonight. I got upset and said that spending time with his child is not a favor he’s doing for me, it’s just being a parent. He said that on the days he is working, the kiddo should be my responsibility since I’m on maternity leave and I have time to rest during the day.

I put in more than 40 hours a week taking care of the baby and I even sleep in a separate room so the nightly feedings don’t wake my husband up. I just get so sick of being “on-call” all the time. Sometimes I just want to focus on a task for a few hours without having to drop everything to feed or play with the baby… I feel guilty for reacting so negatively now.

He really is the most amazing person and he works so hard to give us a great life. I make it a point to acknowledge the effort he puts in and thank him for everything he does which is why he made that comment about not thanking him for helping. Am I A Jerk for expecting him to interact with the baby on some of the days he works and not seeing it as a favor he’s doing for me. 

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