Bride Praised For Taking A Stand Of Not Inviting Nephew On Her Special Day.

It’s a very common practice not to allow children at weddings. Kids typically make poor wedding guests. At least one adult must be aware of the children’s whereabouts at all times. Why not simply put an end to it and prohibit all kids from attending the wedding. If just your kid was excluded from the wedding because they are monsters, what would you do? In this story a woman questions if it was wrong to forbid her nephew from attending her wedding. Read the whole story and what do you think of this situation.

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My fiance and I both had a discussion and both agreed that we don’t want my nephew at our wedding which will be happening in 2 month.

The reason why is because my nephew is out of control, he doesn’t listen, can’t sit still for even a minute and is loud. My nephew even ruined my dress, I am a fashion designer and made my own wedding dress and one day my sister came over uninvited with my nephew and niece. I invited them both in but told them all to not go in my office as I’m working on something in there (which was my dress) my nephew goes in there and cuts my dress with a pair of my fabric scissors on purpose while I was in the kitchen getting them some snacks and my niece was playing with my daughter. My sister didn’t even make him apologize and blamed it on me for leaving my scissor in the open in a room he wasn’t even supposed to be in.

There have been many times where my nephew has been banned from events because of his behaviour, my sister has a hard time even getting babysitters for him and my nephew even got suspended from school on multiple occasions, she still hasn’t done anything about his behaviour.

When I told my sister she freaked out saying that if her son’s not allowed to go then she won’t be going and asked me if I was banning our brother’s son as well, she made a Facebook post about how I hate my nephew and I’m not inviting him to my wedding over a dress and complained to our mom.

My mom agrees with my sister and says that it’s unfair for me to invite my niece but not my nephew and that I’m gonna make my nephew feel like there is something wrong with him.

My brother agrees with me and thinks it will make my sister think about actually doing something about her son’s behavior rather than pretending like there is nothing wrong.

I know how my nephew is and I don’t want his behaviour to risk a day I worked so hard on planning.

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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