Woman Asks If She Is A Jerk To Demand Compensation After Meal Was Ruined By Gender Reveal

These days, gender reveal parties are huge. It has grown in popularity and sophistication. Expectant parents have come up with more inventive ways to reveal whether they are having a boy or girl. Inadvertent onlookers caught in the crossfire of the color-coordinated fireworks, glitter bombs, and smoke bombs have regrettably experienced some discomfort. Read the story to know what occurred and share your views on this.

Source: Reddit

I, 44f, was at a restaurant with my husband, 50m. I noticed a couple of people, a man and a pregnant woman, sitting down next to us and I could hear them rambling excitedly about the woman’s pregnancy.

A couple minutes later an older lady, who I assumed to be the woman’s mother, came in and sat down too. The soon to be mother announced that they had found out the gender of the baby.

When the woman’s mother asked what it was, the woman placed a party popper down. The woman twisted it and pink glitter flew EVERYWHERE. This wasn’t confetti, it was glitter. A lot of glitter fell into my food so I went over to the woman and asked for compensation for my meal. She said no and that I was being an AH for ruining their special moment. Am I really a Jerk?

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