Husband’s Breastfeeding “Rule” For His Pregnant Wife Got The Internet Fuming.

A mother gives her kid many things to remember, the finest of which is her breast milk. Breastfeeding naturally nurtures and feeds a baby. It creates a strong link between moms and their children.To find out the husband’s demand that his wife nurse their child, read the story and do you agree with him.

Source: Reddit

So I (23F) am pregnant and getting close to my due date. My husband (24M) and I are going over labor and recovery now. His family (m,d & bro) are coming to visit on their way to vacation. He knows I want to try and breastfeed and he said his one “rule” is to not BF in front of his family.

He says he doesn’t want me to make his dad and bro uncomfortable and that I should go upstairs to feed our baby every time, every 1-3 hours. He said he would go up with us so he could bond too. My problem is I will be in recovery and am supposed to rest so stairs happening that often seem like a problem to me. I told him it’s about my recovery and bonding with the baby and his family can just leave the room or just NOT LOOK if they’re uncomfortable.

I said I would wear a cover, SOMETIMES, but I need to be able to see because I’ll still be learning. He kept insisting so I dropped the subject. I need to bring it up again before then so we’re both on the same page but I don’t think he’ll have budged. AM I A JERK for telling him to F off?

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