Is This Guy Wrong For Refusing To Watch His Roommate’s Child

Children are not for everyone. That is evident, which is why individuals have the right to choose when, how many, and if to have their own kids. But what occurs when somebody leaves their kid with you despite your constant claims that you are not keen on babysitting outside of serious emergencies? Read the story and let us know what are your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

Landlord rented out the other room to a mom and her 2 y/o daughter. Wasn’t a big fan of the idea but I have no input on who gets the room as each room is a separate lease.

I quashed the idea very early on that I will watch, feed, or entertain the kid in any way.

She’s asked a few times for me to watch her daughter ‘just for a bit’ and share food that I have ordered but I’ve made it clear it will not happen every time.

She texted me on Saturday while I was playing a game that she had a family emergency and I needed to watch the kid overnight. No response to my texts after that.

F**k that so I called the cops and told them the child was abandoned. After that I left and went to a movie with my phone on silent.

I’m not sure what happened after but she was back when I came home from the movie. She is trying to get the landlord involved now too. Did I go too far here? 

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