Woman asks if she’s wrong to keep kids out of ex’s wedding unless she’s invited.

Some individuals enjoy marriage ceremonies. Some individuals don’t want to attend the marriage at all, but they will remember an invitation rejection for the rest of their life. One lady questioned if she was wrong to think of refusing her kids a place at her ex’s wedding unless she gets an invite as well. Read the story and let us know what you think of this.

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I, f34, have 2 kids, 10 and 13, with my ex, m35. My ex and his partner of 6 years, Ava, f31, are getting married in 3 weeks and my kids are meant to be Jr bridesmaids for Ava. My kids are really excited about being in the wedding and have loved picking out dresses and hair styles and I guess they also love Ava.

I can’t stand her. I feel that she often tries to mother them when they are staying with their Dad and Ava, she leaves them with her family when both her and their Dad is working during the holidays, and her family constantly refers to them as their grandchildren, they have their own grandchildren, my kids even call them Nana and Pop.

Ava also doesn’t back me up on issues that I have with my ex when it comes to the kids, and won’t answer my calls or texts unless the kids are at their Dads, aside from that she ignores me because ‘she shouldn’t get in the middle of parenting issues’. Ava also refuses to be alone with me when we do the drop off and pick up. When I demanded to know why she said it’s because I make her uncomfortable as I’m always either running down my ex and saying all the crap things he did in our relationship, or I run down their relationship. I admit to the first, but the second was when I told her he doesn’t love her and he was using her to make me jealous, which was 3 years ago and I had been drinking and she’s holding that against me still!!

I found out I am not invited to the wedding, I assumed I was at least invited because my kids were involved. When I got upset my ex said he was going to get photos done of just the kids and I could have a couple, but that he didn’t want me there.

I’m pretty angry about that considering I should be invited at least to the ceremony. I’m thinking of telling ex and Ava that I don’t want my kids to be at their wedding unless I’m there. I need some advice on if I’m wrong.

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