‘It’s Time To Show Who I Am Now’ Dog Sitter Finally Shows Face After Horrific Dog Attack.

This is the story about Jacqueline Durand, a 22-year-old woman who was assaulted on her first day of dog sitting. This video begins with a warning: some of the narrative we’re going to show you is difficult to watch and may not be appropriate for all kids.

In North Texas, Jacqueline is a college student and a seasoned dog caretaker. She was attacked in the face by two dogs she had been hired to care for in a Dallas suburb. The incident happened two days before Christmas, on her 22nd birthday.

Bodycam video from the cops that arrived on the incident is displayed to viewers. You see the cops approaching the door, and as they get closer, a dog begins barking and leaping at it. “I see her feet right there,” an officer says afterwards.

Before her first day, Jacqueline had met the dogs, who were affectionate and friendly. When she returned the second time, their response was not what she had expected. On the footage, the cops come near enough to the door to ask Jacqueline if she’s okay, and she responds.

Lucy, a German shepherd mix, and Bender, a boxer/pit bull cross, held Jacqueline down and tore her nose, ears, lips, and cheeks off to the bone. They pulled her into the living room via the front entrance. The film depicts images of the horrific aftermath of the incident.

It took 37 minutes for first responders to feel safe enough to enter the residence. When they were eventually able to enter and find Jacqueline, they grabbed her and fled as soon as they could. Jacqueline was transported to the trauma hospital after she had been formally assessed. She had lost 30% of her blood supply.

Jacqueline did not make the call to the authorities. The entrance door was left open when the dogs rushed her. This triggered the security system.

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