Stepmom Tortures 4-Yr-Old Boy With Laxatives And Hot Sauce, Dad Conceals Abuse.

Danielle Miller, aka Danielle Duke, was arrested in a Lancaster County prison on $300,000 bail after being caught torturing a youngster in a horrendous way. She was convicted with false imprisonment, endangering a child, unlawful restraint, harassment, reckless endangerment, and terroristic threats, among other things.

The cops started investigating after a worried acquaintance reported the alleged abusive conduct to officials, revealing the torment that one youngster was subjected to over a four-month period, although the boy wasn’t one of the mother’s three biological kids. Miller’s stepson was tormented, and Miller and his dad had sole custody of him.

That was allegedly enough for the demented stepmother to give the four-year-old kid laxative-laced beans, dubbed “poop beans,” confine him in a closet for hours, and viciously torture him for months on end. Several others who knew the family described multiple abuse occurrences, giving authorities with further details.

Miller was found to have forced the youngster to swallow hot sauce, pouring it into his mouth and refusing to provide him water for lengthy periods of time, in addition to giving him laxatives solely for being another woman’s kid. Miller would reportedly make the child sit on a toilet for hours until he defecated, calling him a “f***ing pig” and told him he had a “dumb, f***ing ugly face,” according to cops. As if that wasn’t awful enough, she’d bound the youngster with a sheet and duct tape and referred to it as “playing mermaid,” restricting him for hours.

Miller regularly put the toddler in a locked closet on their home’s third story. A mattress and dresser outside the closet door kept him inside. The boy was kept inside for hours and scraped the walls, shouting the rats were coming to get him. The boy was occasionally escorted to the fishing creek but was forced to remain in the car with a bandana wrapped across his eyes while other kids played, the site reported. He was compelled to wear his pull-ups for hours if he soiled them.

Danielle Miller would also cause bruising, lacerations, and burns to the youngster. And, according to law enforcement, it was all since the stepmother was bitter of the youngster, assaulting him since he was the offspring of her long-term, live-in partner with another woman. The discovery that Miller and Duke’s three biological kids, who resided with the couple, were not molested validated the assumption that Miller tortured the 4-year-old since he was not hers.

Unfortunately, his dad, Nathan Duke, 30, did nothing to halt the assault. Rather, he purposefully disregarded it, telling authorities that he did not seek medical assistance for the kid or report his son’s wounds because he was aware that his bruises, burns, and lacerations would appear to be the result of child abuse. Nathan Duke was detained on a $100,000 bail for his role in his son’s continued torture and was convicted with endangerment and conspiracy for hiding the assault and failing to safeguard his kid.

When their parents were imprisoned for the torture of their half-brother, the victim was removed from the couple and placed in the care of extended relatives, while the other kids were placed in the care of local Children and Youth Services. Thank God, somebody stood up and became this tiny boy’s voice. Who knows how long this would have gone on if no one had stepped in to stop it. If you notice something, report it. In this case, someone did, and it most probably saved this little boy’s life.

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