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Jaclyn Smith Kisses Husband In Video: At 77 She Feels Loved And Protected By Brad Who Loves Her Kids ‘Like His Own’

Jaclyn Smith of “Charlie’s Angels” demonstrated her gym routine with her husband, Brad Allen. The couple is keeping in shape during the holidays by teaming up and inspiring one other to exercise. They’re also having a good time with it.

Jaclyn released two adorable videos in which the two worked on their cores and squats. They even kissed each time they finished a sit-up. The first video was created for the song “You Make My Dreams (Come True)” by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the couple’s antics, and Jaclyn’s comment box was flooded with positive feedback. Her fans also adored the 77-year-old actress for being so fit and active.

Many of her admirers were encouraged by the couple’s exercise video to attempt it with their own important others, and many loved how much fun Jaclyn and Brad were having together.

Jaclyn had been married three times before meeting Brad, and with her third husband, Tony Richmond, she had 2 kids, Gaston Richmond and Spencer Margaret Richmond. Tony and she divorced in 1989.

When her dad needed heart surgery a few years later, the actress met her present spouse. Brad was the doctor who was caring for her dad in the hospital. Her dad was in the hospital having heart surgery, and Brad was the surgeon, Jaclyn explained.

Her mother didn’t want her to walk down to the parking garage by herself, so he offered to accompany her. Who would have thought that could happen? He’s kind, and she saw a good heart in him.

They chose not to rush into marriage and married a few years after meeting. But their connection has endured, and Brad is an amazing stepfather to her 2 kids, who he loves dearly.

Jaclyn spends the most of her time juggling job and family life. She has many companies, including skincare, textile, and wig lines. When she is not traveling or promoting, she is at home with her family.

In addition to being a mom, the actress has taken on the role of grandma after both of her kids had kids of their own. She is a devoted grandmother who enjoys spending time with Bea Kranz and Olivia Rose Richmond.

Jaclyn has always been a kind and caring mother. She sought to give her children the best childhood possible by allowing them to design their own rooms as children. When her grandchildren arrived, she was pleased and claimed it was the sweetest thing.

Got to spend the day at the Getty Museum with my granddaughter Bea over the weekend!

Posted by Jaclyn Smith on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The actress also has a close bond with her kids. She frequently uploads images of herself with her son, chastising him for the man he has become. Jaclyn loves her daughter, and the two have collaborated on several occasions in business.

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