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Keith Urban sits at girl’s hospital bed to grant her last wish with a sweet serenade

Keith Urban is without a doubt one of the most renowned and compassionate artists on the planet.

Marissa English is a huge Keith Urban fan; she has mementos from all of his gigs and a Keith Urban t-shirt that she wraps around her pillow at night and cuddles.

When Marissa was unable to attend his Ohio show due to her hospitalization, country music legend Keith Urban chose to bring the concert to her — allowing to the nurses who care for her.

Marissa, 25, was born with a number of health concerns, including severe scoliosis and cerebral palsy. She was born with an inoperable brain cyst.

She was in the hospital for five and a half months, and when they got her home, the doctors said to go home and enjoy her for potentially a year, Marlise Matthews, her mother, stated. That could be the last time they have her.

However, this hasn’t prevented her from enjoying music and her favorite country singer, Keith Urban.

Her mother said that it would be difficult to discover a more devoted admirer than her daughter.

Wow, where do I even begin? Yesterday was such an amazing day for our precious Marissa English! She got to meet “her…

Posted by Marlise Stoller Darby on Friday, 19 October 2018

After English was unable to attend Keith Urban’s sold-out event, the nurses at Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital launched a social media campaign to convince him to see her. And Urban decided to pay a visit to his adoring fan!

Urban appeared in Marissa English’s hospital room and sang to her while kneeling alongside her bed and holding her hand. He snapped pictures of her and hugged her. It’s uplifting just to see the delight on this woman’s face.

Keith Urban was inspired by Marissa’s will to live. He even told his audience after the show that he got to meet his “greatest” fan, a gorgeous female named Marissa.

In the video below, you can see the great moment.

Posted by Kristi Coe Frederick on Thursday, 18 October 2018

Keith Urban, excellent work!!! You fulfilled the girl’s wishes. I got shivers watching him sing to that adorable girl.

And what a remarkable lady Marissa is; against all obstacles, she has struggled to survive. She is deserving of this visit from such a modest mega star who never forgets his admirers.

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