Jada says she wants Will Smith and Chris Rock to RECONCILE after Oscars slap

When it concerns the breakdown involving husband Will Smith and Chris Rock following the Oscars slap seen ’round the world, Jada Pinkett Smith is still hopeful for reconciliation.

Jada unleashed a new episode of “Red Table Talk” on alopecia on Wednesday, beginning it with a solitary message into the camera.

She started, this is a critical Red Table Talk about alopecia. Thousands of people have approached her with their tales, given what she went through with her own health and what occurred at the Oscars. She is taking advantage of this opportunity to offer their alopecia family a chance to talk about what it’s like to have this illness and to educate individuals about what alopecia truly is.

Alopecia: The Devastating Impact

The mother of 12-year-old Rio Allred, who suffered from Alopecia and took her own life after being relentlessly mocked and bullied, opens up about her daughter’s heart-crushing death. A woman who worked in the hair industry for more than a decade reveals her emotional Alopecia journey and why it’s more than “just hair.” A top hair surgeon breaks down the different types of Alopecia. A former NBA player speaks out about his hidden pain.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Tuesday, May 31, 2022

She then highlighted what occurred at the Academy Awards, when her husband Will stormed the stage and assaulted comedian Chris Rock after he made a “G.I. Jane” joke about Jada.

She said, regarding Oscar night her greatest wish is that these two bright competent men will have an opportunity to rebuild, speak things out, and reunite. Given the status of the world currently, they need them both, and they all need each other more than before.

She added that until then, Will and she will keep doing what they have been doing for the previous 28 years: working out this thing called life together.

Jada talked about her alopecia experience to her daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield Norris.

Her guests included the mother of 12-year-old Rio Allred, who committed herself after being bullied because of her alopecia, and former NBA player Charlie Villanueva, who was diagnosed with alopecia at the age of 10.

101-years-old twins are still inseparable – despite living 80 miles apart, they meet up every week.

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