101-years-old twins are still inseparable – despite living 80 miles apart, they meet up every week.

Having a twin may be a fantastic gift. Imagine having somebody who has always been there for you since the beginning of your existence, creating a relationship that will last till the end of time.

Just ask Banbury, England twins Edith Dumbleton and Dorcas Tobin.

They celebrated their 101st birthday in June and continue to meet every week despite living more than 80 miles apart.

Edith and Dorcas, the UK’s third-oldest twins, were born 45 minutes apart on June 28, 1920, in Banbury. To put that into context, the non-identical sisters have witnessed 25 prime leaders and four kings.

They celebrated their 101st birthday on June 28.

Edith remarked, it’s wonderful that they reached this age since they don’t know anyone else who is close to 100, so it’s been amazing for them. They are  still going strong and making the best of it.

Edith’s daughter, Christine Bemand, 67, stated that the twins hailed from a “humble” family. Tragically, their father, an engineer, died when the twins were just three years old.

Christine explained their mom raised the 5 kids as a single mother, so it was a thrifty upbringing that doesn’t appear to have harmed them.

Edith married a man called Fredrick later in life. They had been wedded for 50 years and had 3 kids. Frederik died at the age of 89,15 years ago.

Likewise, Dorcas’s partner’s name was Horace. He died at the age of 80, after 30 years of marriage to Dorcas. They had 2 kids.

They have 5 kids, 13 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren between the sisters.

Christine’s mother Edith and aunt Dorcas used to live on opposite sides of Banbury when she was a child. Families frequently gathered, and cousins played together. The twin sisters frequently spent their vacations in Bournemouth.

The twins remained to reside on the same road in Banbury until eight years ago. As Edith’s health declined, she relocated with her daughter Christine’s family.

Edith is nearly blind and has mobility issues now.

Christine added that Edith and Dorcas were never spoiled by the finer things in life, and their food was simple but sufficient.

“It wasn’t a fancy diet or anything. Their life goals were realistic, so they haven’t been smacked by self-inflicted failures,” Christine explained.

Dorcas expresses gratitude for the life they’ve led.

Despite their frugal lifestyle, there has been a lot to appreciate. They have had terrible moments, but they also had a lot of happy ones and are enjoying their lives.

Happy 101st birthday to twins Edith Dumbleton and Dorcas Tobin who are thought to be the third oldest twins in the UK….

Posted by Age UK on Monday, June 28, 2021

And for those asking what the secret diet to living a long life is, Dorcas has revealed that there isn’t one. When they are hungry, they eat everything they want. Rather, she stated that their secret is absence of stress.

Presently, the sisters live more than 80 miles away, yet they remain connected and visit each other at least once a week.

Dorcas, who lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire, journeys two hours every Tuesday with her 71-year-old son Robert to see her adored sister in Leominster, Herefordshire.

Christine explained, they like visiting one another and like to bring each other small presents; it is absolutely vital to them. When Dorcas comes around, she always brings a bread pudding she has cooked or a few tomatoes, and her mother always wants to go out and buy Dorcas a chocolate bar.

Dorcas spends a lot of time in her tiny greenhouse when she isn’t visiting her sister.

Son Robert adds, his mom still enjoys gardening, which keeps her engaged, and he believes she is definitely healthier than him.

Normally, the sisters celebrate every birthday together, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to do so last year, when they reached 100. Luckily, they made up for it this year by celebrating their postponed 100th birthday with family members in a country pub in June.

These twins have an unbreakable friendship and are true inspirations to us all. Happy birthday to you both! 

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