Savage judge lets baby killer inadvertently choose his own sentence

On Tuesday afternoon, judges in Newton County convicted Newton County parents Christopher McNabb and Cortney Bell guilty in the murder of their 2-week-old infant. McNabb was jailed for life without the possibility of release, while Bell was sentenced to 30 years in jail with 15 years to serve.

The case, which included terrible information about the baby’s living conditions and horrible death, finished with weeping and defiance.

“I’m not guilty. McNabb told Judge John Ott, “I didn’t do anything.” “If you ever figure out who did it, they deserve to be locked up.”

McNabb and Bell were tried jointly, then separately brought into the courtroom for sentence.

McNabb stated throughout his sentence, he was beaten as a kid, and he completely disagreed with this. He would never do something like this.

Bell cried as Ott offered harsh comments before delivering her punishment. He claimed that good parents, even those in nature, do all in their ability to keep their offspring safe. Ott claimed that instead of showing “mother bear” compassion, Bell chose drugs and McNabb above safeguarding Caliyah.

“It’s a disease, but I tried to be a decent mother. I adore my children,” Bell stated. She and McNabb also have an older daughter, who was two years old when Caliyah died and is now staying with a relative.

Ott wasn’t persuaded by Bell’s cries in the least.

“Like most criminals, you have an idea of what a good mom is that is so much outside the ordinary,” he added.

The medical examiner stated that Caliyah had several skull fractures and teeth that poked through her gums. Her young corpse was found in a forested area near the family’s mobile home, in a drawstring Nike bag.

In October 2017, Bell filed for the infant to be stolen, and McNabb requested her return in front of television cameras. Caliyah was most likely deceased by the time McNabb asked for the community’s aid in locating her.

He was charged with malice murder, felony murder, second-degree murder, aggravated violence, and hiding the death of another. The grand jury indicted Bell on second-degree murder, child abuse, and child deprivation offenses.

It took the judges roughly an hour to convict them both on all charges.

McNabb’s lawyer, Anthony Carter, claimed his client’s facial tattoos, history of aggression against Bell, and the couple’s drug usage led detectives to designate him a murderer.

Carter stated in his final remarks that they focused on Chris McNabb from the start.

Carter said that after they got their man, detectives “cut corners” on the inquiry, leaving issues unanswered.

Bryan Frost, Bell’s lawyer, also contended that she was not to blame for the infant’s demise.

Only Caliyah’s parents, according to District Attorney Layla Zon, could have been the perpetrators in her killing. During their case, judges discovered that McNabb and Bell had a filthy house, took narcotics, and had a violent relationship.

During closing arguments, Zon said, “She was a gift to Cortney Bell and Christopher McNabb.” “From the time they left the hospital, the child was doomed.” They stole a child’s perfect naivety and turned it into misery.”

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