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Jamie Lee Curtis: “a generation of beauty is being wiped out”

You choose the ideal place for a shot, pose, and then begin selecting the appropriate filter to enhance the photo you just took.

After a few minutes, your post receives views and likes. Isn’t it true that the more likes you get, the better?

Today, social media and trends have altered everyone’s perception of beauty. The unfortunate fact is that if you don’t ‘meet’ the beauty requirements, most individuals resort to cosmetic surgery to ‘fix’ themselves.

What became of natural beauty? Appreciation for oneself and confidence in what one has to offer? Many debates can be had on this subject, but one celebrity has spoken out against the “unrealistic beauty” standards that have corrupted millions of people.

Jamie Lee Curtis is noted for her eternal beauty and elegant aging. The lovely 62-year-old actress discussed her thoughts on cosmetic surgery in an interview.

The current trend of fillers and procedures, this obsession with filtering, and the things that they do to adjust their appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty, Curtis said in an interview.

Can you believe that even teenagers want to have surgery just to fit in? People are growing infatuated with cosmetic surgery, which includes lip fillers, liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty.

Curtis also said that the effect of social media is one of the most important elements.

Children are already exposed to excessive beauty standards from an early age. It’s like giving a chainsaw to a toddler, Curtis says. It is quite terrible for youngsters to view their picture and be unhappy with it. What comes next? They would fantasize about improving their noses and breasts, but what would happen after these procedures?

You can never be satisfied with yourself if you start comparing yourself to all the models you see.

Jamie Lee Curtis understands this since she went through it herself. Many years ago, a cameraman commented on her “puffy” eyes. She was humiliated and self-conscious, so she had regular surgery.

For ten years, she was hooked on Vicodin as a result of the procedure. She claims to be more than 20 years clean now.

This is why she wishes for individuals of this age to be better. She does not want the current beauty trend and cosmetic surgery to annihilate the true generation of beauty.

“Once you mess with your face, you can’t get it back,” Curtis said.

Take a look at yourself and see how lovely you are. Self-acceptance and self-love begin with you, and you do not need to change.

We all have various perspectives on cosmetic surgery and today’s beauty standards. While some may disagree, many celebrities have shared their own experiences with plastic surgery and their positive views on it.

See Jamie Lee Curtis’s thoughts on how cosmetic surgery is ‘wiping away a generation of beauty’ below!

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