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VIDEO: Armed Asian Store Employees Turn The Tables On Attacker In Texas

Although the details are scant, a disturbing video of an altercation inside a convenience store in Dallas, Texas, has gone viral online. The altercation seems to have started when a lady grew agitated with two Asian shop staff before initiating a violent assault. Unluckily for her, the clerks were armed and swiftly turned the tables.

The irate lady is seen barging her way into an employee-only section of the Dallas convenience shop in video footage shot by someone who seems to be a friend of the assailant. The lady continued to force one of the Asian shop workers onto a shelf after forcing open a door dividing the client area from the personnel section behind the counter. She’d quickly realise, though, that she’d taken on more than she could handle when she chose to go after the clerks.

“Don’t disrespect me!” the lady said as she marched towards the elderly guy, who tried to keep his distance from her by stiff-arming her. The lady discovered the hard way that she didn’t have the upper hand after steamrolling the guy and forcing him against the wall while saying, “F*** is wrong with you!”

“Don’t shoot her!” Nah. Don’t shoot her! Don’t shoot her!” yells a witness after seeing the Asian shop employee armed with a revolver. Fortunately for the irate lady, the armed cashier does not fire, but that does not stop both men from subduing the invader, as the elder guy unleashes a barrage of quick punches while the other staff whips her with the pistol.

“Stop!” “Get out!” yelled the gun-wielding guy as Asian shop workers rained down blows on her, hitting her in the stomach and head. The attitude rapidly shifts as the attacker is forced to withdraw as she pleads for compassion and asks the shop workers to cease retaliating against her, despite the fact that the assailant was openly assaulting the clerks just seconds before.

“Chill out, chill out, alright chill out, alright chill out!” she said, hoping that the armed staff, who were now getting the better of her, would show her the kindness and empathy she lacked when she started her assault. At the same time, at least two witnesses stand helplessly by, realizing the woman’s predicament.

In the video, the attacker’s companions can be heard wailing about the turn of events, complaining that the elderly store owners were fighting back—and winning. “Aw man, they got a pistol, fam, they got a pistol, he got a pistol, that’s the only reason I ain’t gone back there yet,” one of the witnesses can be heard saying, enraged by the course of events and seeking to defend his passivity.

“I know what I’m going to do when he comes out, he’s got that gun right there, fam.” The guy filming the video repeats, “Look, look, look,” threatening the Asian shop workers. He quickly changes his mind, though, as the cameraman starts to exclaim, “That’s enough! That’s enough! That’s enough! Hey! Hey! said the two shop workers as they beat the attacker.

A third elderly shop employee then appears, emerging from the rear of the building armed with a flashlight, moments before the now-viral video concludes with the lady being restrained. Despite the fact that no arrests were made as a result of the altercation, there is a lesson to be discovered here: do not underestimate your opponent, especially in a country where victims have the right to defend themselves with a firearm thanks to the Second Amendment.

This lady clearly believed she had the upper hand over an old guy. She soon illustrated why a gun is known as the great equalizer, implying that a little or old person with a gun is equivalent to a huge or younger person. Fortunately, the Asian workers were ready to stand up for themselves and their businesses, or else this footage may have been used in a murder inquiry. Rather, these men were able to protect themselves from a violent attack by using a pistol to level the playing field.

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