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Jamie Lee Curtis says plastic surgeries made her feel worse, and that the changes were “humiliating”

Jamie Lee Curtis was born into a prominent family, but she is now just as well-known as her parents. The 63-year-old has had a long and successful career as an actress, as well as being married to her husband for a long time and having 3 kids.

That isn’t to suggest Curtis hasn’t had reservations about herself. Furthermore, remarks expressed by others drove her to seek cosmetic surgery multiple times.

Jamie Lee, on the other hand, is no longer a supporter of cosmetic surgery; the 63-year-old believes the alterations she attempted were embarrassing. Rather, she has pleaded with individuals not to “f**k with your face.”

She was born with swollen eyes. Looking at pictures of herself as a youngster, one would see that she doesn’t appear to have slept. They were filming a scene in a courtroom with that type of bright, horrible fluorescent light, and it got around to her coverage in the scene, and the cameraman said, he is not photographing her today. Her eyelids are overly puffy, Curtis recalled.

She was so horrified, humiliated, and full of embarrassment after that movie that she went and underwent standard cosmetic surgery to eliminate the puffiness.

Jamie Lee Curtis claimed in a 2002 interview that she had done numerous more treatments, including a “little lipo” and some botox. However, she felt duped afterwards.

Nothing works. None of it, Jamie explained. It’s such a sham. And she is the one who keeps it going.

It’s been 20 years since that interview, and Jamie Lee Curtis still thinks the same way. Not only that, however, she hopes that no one else will get cosmetic surgery to seem younger, rather encouraging individuals to accept natural aging.

In an interview, the 63-year-old actress said that she has always pushed for natural beauty, owing to the trials and failures of the other part. Curtis, who does not advocate “f**king with your face,” also said that when she discovered some grey patches in her hair, she used the same rationale.

In her words, ”Anti-aging… what is that? What are you on about? We’re all going to get old. We’re all going to die. Why would you want to seem 17 when you’re 70? “When I’m 70, I want to look 70.”

Jamie Lee Curtis is unlikely to have any other surgeries in her lifetime. She claims it is wiping away generations of beauty and expresses worry about society’s “obsession” with cosmetic operations.

The present trend of fillers and treatments, this fixation with filtering, and the things that one does to change the image on Zoom are wiping away generations of beauty. One can’t get his or her face back once one meddles with it, Jamie Lee Curtis stated.

One really doesn’t know the long-term impact, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, on a generation of youth who are in anguish because of social media, due to the comparisons to others.

Those who are old enough realize it’s all a fraud. It poses a significant risk to young people.

Jamie Lee Cutis is a great role model in that she not only speaks out about embracing and respecting our aging beauty, but she also admits to having had cosmetic surgery herself.

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