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Squatters Steal Soldier’s Home, Get Outraged Bikers At Their Front Door (Photos).

Squatters took over a soldier’s house in New Port Richey, Florida, while he was stationed in Hawaii for two years, and when it came time for him to return home with his wife, the squatters refused to go.

Army Specialist Michael Sharkey said that he and his wife had not resided in their Florida home throughout his two-year deployment in Hawaii. When the couple found out they could return to Florida, they were astonished to find that two ex-cons had broken into their home, replaced the locks, and were unwilling to leave.

To make things worse, Sharkey was advised that there was little he could do lawfully to evict the squatters. Cops informed Sharkey that they couldn’t help the pair, subsequently named Julio Ortiz and Fatima Cardosa, since they had gained residence during the time Sharkey was in Hawaii, and that the problem would have to be addressed in civil court.

Ortiz said he established a verbal deal with Sharkey’s buddy, who was in charge of the Florida property while the soldier and his wife were away. The verbal agreement stated that Ortiz and Cardosa may reside on the property for free as long as they make the required house renovations. Yet, Sharkey and his companion both insist that such assertions are false.

The folks in this residence cannot present any documents, a lease, an agreement, or anything else proving that they own the property, Sharkey said. They are thieves. He said he was serving his nation, and they have more rights to his house than he does.

With the police failing to assist the soldier, Sharkey thought he was out of luck—until a gang of local motorcyclists stepped in. The fact that a soldier and his wife had been evicted from their house by a pair of scumbag squatters irritated the bikers, so they created the ideal scheme.

Julio Ortiz has served a total of 12 years in New Jersey jail for theft, carjacking, and drug dealing on school grounds. When news spread that he had taken over Sharkey’s residence, a gang of war veteran motorcyclists stated that they would pay a visit to peacefully make the squatters miserable.

This was all it took for Ortiz and his girlfriend to grab their possessions and move out. When they saw the motorcyclists approaching, they fled in terror, their tails between their legs like a pair of cowards.

Nothing irritates me more than hearing about a soldier receiving the short end of the stick after sacrificing his life for our nation. They are deserving of nothing but the finest.

Army Specialist Michael Sharkey spent two years away from home safeguarding our rights and freedoms just so a few of criminal squatters could dwell in his house. Fortunately, these tough-guy motorcyclists took it upon themselves to put things right.

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