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Jamie Lee Curtis Still Lives In Luxury Home She Bought In 1992 – Inside Her Family Mansion.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary in December, and they’ve resided in the same house for the whole of their marriage. Annie and Ruby, their kids, grew up in this wonderful house.

Since she is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis is almost Hollywood aristocracy. She followed in their footsteps and went on to have a successful acting career, appearing in films such as “Halloween” and “Freaky Friday.”

Curtis has received several awards for her outstanding acting abilities throughout her career, including a Golden Globe for her work on the comedy “Anything But Love.” She has spent her whole life in Los Angeles, initially with her parents and subsequently as an adult.

Curtis, in addition to her acting profession, is one of the few celebrity writers who has won over reviewers and book aficionados. She is a well-known children’s book author, having originally published “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Childhood” in 1993.

Curtis attributes her inspiration to her 2 kids and actor-filmmaker Christopher Guest. The adoption of their oldest child, Annie, inspired her second novel, “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born,” which was released in 1996.

She was a co-author of the New York Times best-selling book “Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day” two years later. She penned “Is There Really a Human Race?” in 2006, inspired by her adoptive daughter Ruby.

Curtis has been married to her spouse since 1984. She’s expressed her love for the man she’s eager to spend the rest of her life with several times.

Curtis once revealed the moment she realized she was destined to marry Guest. The actress expressed it when she saw his photo in a Rolling Stone magazine during the publication of “This Is Spinal Tap” in 1984.

According to the actress, she pointed to a photograph of Guest wearing a plaid shirt. Despite the fact that she had never seen him before, she pointed to him and informed her companion that she would marry him.

Curtis took a gamble the following day and called Guest’s agent. She gave him his phone number and urged him to contact her if he was interested.

He never called, and she moved on with her life, dating another man. She drove to Hugo’s restaurant in West Hollywood after breaking up with him. She looked up and noticed Guest three tables away.

Guest ended up waving at her, and she returned the gesture. As he stood up to depart, he shrugged and raised his hand. He phoned her the following day, and they went on their first date a few days later.

Guest traveled to New York City a few months later to tape “Saturday Night Live” for a year. They were absolutely captivated by one another at the moment and haven’t looked back since.

Curtis came inside the 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival house that would become her first home in 1992. At the time, the actress felt she could make any location beautiful, stating of the house’s design that there’s not one thing that she didn’t go out and purchase or that she can’t tell a story about.

That was different for Guest. Curtis said that when home browsing, his facial expressions would often convey dissatisfaction. He was different for this specific property, however.

He began to examine the house’s terra-cotta roof tiles and surrounding eucalyptus trees before determining that they should buy it. He would later admit that the home’s park-like environment pleased him.

While the home was completed in 1929, the previous owners had not modified it when they moved there. As a result, they enlisted the assistance of Jan McFarland Cox to revitalize the house, which is now airy and bright.

Curtis’s kids may be found around the house. She combined aspects of a traditional Mediterranean home with a more modern zen design.

The house represents Curtis and Guest strongly, since they think that the mix of old and modern is an important aspect of who they are. The home is also a source of inspiration for the children’s book author to produce something wonderful.

As the couple was renovating the home before moving in, they worked on restorations and landscape design with architect Michael B. Lehrer and his wife Mia. They began by adding bedrooms for their kids before tackling the master bedroom and bath.

Lehrer then remodeled the bottom level, converting the kitchen into a room with a family area, which Curtis refers to as the emotional hub of the home. She commissioned Cox to design interiors that highlighted the house’s Mediterranean roots.

Curtis and Guest are positive they have transformed the property into a pleasant home.

To keep the home vibrant, Curtis drapes optimistic phrases on kitchen towels, hanging cloth dividers, and wall art. The bright and airy vibe of their house is enhanced with timeless wooden furniture that maintains the Mediterranean theme.

Although Curtis and Guest constructed a lovely house, the couple has said that they learned the genuine meaning of “home” from one another.

The words may seem simple, yet they embody what it means to be in a long marriage to her. It’s about the security of realizing her spouse is at home and that she isn’t alone, according to her.

Curtis and Guest enjoy spending time together now that they are empty nests. Their oldest daughter, Annie, is now married, and Ruby has lately transitioned from her prior identity as Thomas.

Ruby is Curtis’ second child with Guest, and she opted to transition at the age of 25. Curtis couldn’t be happier for her children, since Ruby taught her to abandon the notion that gender is set.

Ruby is intending to marry her fiancé in the same manner as Annie is now married. Curtis was overjoyed to announce that she would officiate her daughter’s wedding ceremony when it takes place.

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