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I went on a girls’ holiday and realized I didn’t miss my husband so I divorced him.

A mother left her spouse after realizing she didn’t miss him while on vacation.

While on vacation in Greece with friends last year, Liverpool resident Stephanie Hanson, 41, made the decision that would change her life.

When she returned, she told her 10-year-old spouse that she was leaving him.

Stephanie had shed five stone when she met David Baldwin, 43, six months later.

She couldn’t be happier, says the mother of four.

She remembers thinking when she was gone about how much she missed the kids, but she didn’t miss her husband, Stephanie said.

She was in the worst condition of her life, and it dawned on her that she was unhappy at home, so she did something about it, she says.

Stephanie celebrated her 40th birthday with a ten-day vacation to Kefalonia with two pals in May 2022.

She claims she had a fantastic time away from the cares and strains of regular life, but as the vacation progressed, she had an epiphany.

Stephanie realized she no longer loved her spouse while sunbathing by the pool and talking with her friends.

As a result, the day she arrived home, she made the painful choice to end her ten-year marriage.

Stephanie said she was having the finest time with the ladies, and that the idea of returning home to her husband was dreadful.

She realized at the hotel that she’d been unhappy in her marriage for as long as she could remember.

So when she flew back, she stopped it then and there, and when she saw his response, she realized she’d made the correct choice.

Stephanie realized she was dissatisfied with another element of her life after having her vacation photographs processed.

She weighed 17 stone and felt that the beginning of her new life as a single lady was the ideal moment to modify her look.

Stephanie started working out at home with a hula hoop and radically altered her diet.

She gave up chocolate, takeout, and cream and butter-based foods in favor of lean meat, fish, salad, and soup.

After a few months, she added jogging to her exercise routine, and she gradually began to lose the weight she’d been carrying for a decade.

Stephanie says she ‘can’t wait’ for the future after meeting her now-boyfriend, David, in July and introducing him to her children.

After leaving her ex-husband, the next thing she wanted to do was lose weight, Stephanie, a phlebotomist, said.

The images from the trip helped her realize what a bad condition she was in, so she began working out at home and adjusted her diet.

It was difficult at first, but the drive of being newly single kept her going.

She met David on Facebook’s dating platform in July, and they hit it off right away.

She met him approximately halfway through her fitness quest, but he didn’t care; he loved her just as she was. She presently weighs 12 stone, but she is very tall, so she believes losing another stone would be ideal.

If she hadn’t gone on that vacation, she’d still be locked in a marriage with a guy she no longer loved; therefore, she couldn’t be happier where she is today.

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