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Tom Cruise Skipped The Oscars To Avoid Run-In With Nicole Kidman After Their Nasty Divorce.

Tom Cruise reportedly had an embarrassing excuse for wanting to miss the Oscars ceremony on Sunday: his ex-wife. Despite being nominated for numerous major honors, Top Gun: Maverick’s star was notably missing on Hollywood’s greatest night. Even though their nasty divorce was years ago, Tom seemed to have avoided meeting Nicole Kidman on the red carpet.

An anonymous source informs Tom about the cause of his absence. Despite the fact that Tom’s film has been touted as the solution for Hollywood’s pandemic downturn, the 60-year-old actor was nowhere to be seen at the blockbuster’s celebration. Instead, he was hiding out at home, according to a source, to avoid an unpleasant run-in with Nicole. The two split up more than 20 years ago, yet there seems to be some friction between them.

Tom’s film was nominated for six prizes, including Best Picture. The bad blood between him and Nicole must be profound, given how much attention both Tom and his film stood to get. (But, Top Gun: Maverick only received the Best Sound trophy.)

Tom wasn’t there because she was, and he didn’t want to have a run-in with her, the person stated.

Nicole and Tom’s divorce is notorious for its chaos. It was love at first sight for the former couple when they met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1990. Nicole and Tom married the next year and had two kids together.

Twelve years later, Tom stunned the world by abandoning Nicole and taking both children with him. Tom left Nicole because she refused to join the controversial Church of Scientology, according to their divorce papers.

Nicole and her current husband, Keith Urban, did not miss the celebration. Nicole wasn’t nominated for any awards on Sunday, but that didn’t stop her and Keith from attending the lavish event. Fans couldn’t stop talking about Nicole’s time on the carpet, with some even suggesting that owing to her theatrical conduct in front of the pool of cameras, she must have had a few pre-awards show drinks.

According to an unnamed source, Tom missed the awards event due to being preoccupied with work. Yet, he is said to be quite proud of Maverick and thrilled that it has received such acclaim from the Academy.

Tom worked extremely hard on the project and has backed it in whatever way he can, job permitting, said the insider.

Despite the fact that both reasons seem very believable, we’ll never know why Tom was absent for his film’s big night.

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