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Janitor Who Walks Miles To Work Drops To His Knees After Coworkers Raise $7,000 For New Truck.

Humanity is what we need to teach our children for a better world. It displays our love for fellow human beings. In the world there may be good and bad humans however we shouldn’t lose hope and still have faith in humanity.

Robert Reed, 60, worked as a school janitor for around 4 months at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee. At such a short span, he was adored by students and all at school for his friendly and hardworking behavior. He was known for willingness to do extra work around the school.

To reach on time for his work Robert had to take multiple buses and walk two miles and would have to do the reverse while going home that would make him reach home by 8 pm.

The only thing the students didn’t know about him was he had no vehicle. However the coworkers knew about Robert’s traveling issues. At times after school some who give him lift to the bus stop, while some paid for his lunches.

Eventually, one day the coworkers took a step forward to do something extremely memorable for Robert by pooling money and also doing an online fundraiser to buy him a new truck.

Robert hoped to start a yard business to earn extra income which was not possible without a truck. When Robert knew about this generous surprise done by coworkers he was left speechless and simply dropped on his knees.

Watch the emotional moment of Robert when he was revealed about the surprise. 

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