19-Year-Old Takes Twin Brother With Special Needs To His Senior Prom When He Has No Date.

Siblings have a very special bond. They might fight with each other but at the same time will help and love for each other at times of trouble. Here is an inspirational story of the twins who are not only wise but also with big hearts to care for each other throughout their lives.

Carlos Colon, 19, who is blind and autistic had graduated from Haverhill High School, in Massachusetts. He was excited to attend the senior prom but was sad for not having a date.

When Brianna his twin sister heard about it she stepped in so her brother could have fun in his senior prom. She felt that simply because he’s blind and autistic does not mean he can’t enjoy. She is happy he got to dance and experience the prom.

She further said she too was lucky to experience it with him who she loves alot since due to the pandemic she too couldn’t attend her senior prom.

Jomay Colon, their mom encouraged them for their decision. She explained that the twins were precious since they were born at 24 weeks weighing only a pound and a half. Carlos after birth soon became blind and had a brain bleed who spent five months in hospital.

These siblings have faced many hurdles at birth however they have not only survived but also succeeded and on prom night both celebrated their victory on the dance floor. Carlos will continue at the same school till he is 22 to stay in the Life Skills Program then would attend the Perkins School For The Blind.

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