Old Man Cries When He Read His Grandson’s Name Tag.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

A father-daughter relationship is the most special and unique one. Here is a perfect example of how this daughter expresses the love she has for her father which will be cherished forever.

Jessi Way, 33, delivered a baby born at Henrico Doctors Women’s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. Her child’s first name was Michael and his middle name Sheff which was her maiden name. Jessi wanted to keep the name alive.

So when Mike Sheff, 63, and his wife Julie, 63, visited their daughter they were in for a pleasant surprise.

When Julie discovered the name tag: Michael Sheff Way, she got emotionally stunned and told Mike to read the name tag. As soon as he noticed, he cried as he couldn’t believe their grandson was named after him.

In October, 2019, this heart touching moment took place but it was recently that Jessi decided to share it on social media. The video did go viral receiving more that 11 million views.

She decided to share it since she felt the video might be only for a minute but it has all the emotions like happiness, peace and love that people are longing for in today’s world. 

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