Teen Fears A Knock On His Door By Neighbors To Complain Instead Gets A Huge Surprise.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

Ian Ray, 38, and his neighbors in Edmonton, Canada, watched for months Anthony Moubike, 14, a basketball lover dribbling around his driveway, nearby sidewalks and shooting up the trees.

One fine day Ian pondered on how to help Anthony. That’s when he posted a message in their local Facebook Group, Northside Hub (Edmonton) asking whether anyone had a net to donate.

Many came forward to help, even asking if they could donate cash to help the teen child with his basketball prospects. At a local tire store a manager messaged to donate the entire net himself so Ian collected the net and put the other donation $750 into a sports store gift card.

When Ian knocked at the door to give the surprise, Anthony feared it would be some complaints from the neighbors of him making noise while shooting at a tree or playing basketball on the street. However he was astonished when Ian disclosed the hoop and gifted the teenager a gift card.

The kind gesture was captured where Anthony was truly thankful and Ian explained that good kids deserve good things.

The video not only went viral but also got support from the likes of NBA star Lebron James who explained the act as “pure and beautiful” on social media.

It’s wonderful to see a kid smile with the things happening in the world today. Wishing Anthony a bright future and hoping we will be a little like Ian doing our bit to bring a smile on someone’s face.

Let’s make the world an amazing place to live in.

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