Jeep Pulls Up Immediately Seeing The Mother And Daughter In Trouble.

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Would you like to have your faith in the human spirit restored? Would you like to hear about an amazing and selfless act of kindness?

Ruby and I were on the Southern State Parkway when it became obvious we had a flat tire. There’s no shoulder on the side of that highway, so I pulled off onto the grass, and, almost immediately, a black Jeep pulled off the highway in front of us, just as I was looking for the phone number for AAA.

Then a young man wearing a yarmulke stepped out of the Jeep into the 96 degree heat and walked over to the passenger side window of my car. He said he had lots of tools in his car and could change my tire for me. Really? “Yes,” he said. “I see you have a child in the back, and, if this happened to my mother, I’d like to think someone would do the same for her.”

So, as he’s changing the tire, we started chatting and he told me there’s a group of people in his Orthodox Jewish community who do volunteer roadside assistance – for anyone and everyone. There’s also a volunteer ambulance. I said, I never heard of such thing before. And he said, “yeah, you only hear the bad stuff about us.”

He quickly and adeptly finished changing my tire, and, as I was thanking him profusely, I asked if there was anything I could do to thank him. He responded with a smile, “zero.” I got back in the car, crying.

Ruby asked me why I was crying, and I said they were happy tears and tears of relief. So super scary to think how much worse the day could have been for us, and such an amazingly kind person who came to our rescue. That kid has his ticket to heaven written in stone.

If you’ve gotten this far in reading, please consider doing something kind for a stranger today – I know I will 💜 #payitforward #grateful #lucky #guardianangel

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