Struggling Mother Thought She Was Judged For Her Kid’s Behaviour But The Reality Is Different.

Story by Kristen Gardiner

Something neat happened the other day. I took my three boys to Whataburger for lunch and they were being crazy (as usual). I was trying to get them to stop screaming/being loud, stop throwing things, and stop bugging each other, when noticed this older lady staring at us. I mean STARING. I was instantly uncomfortable and thought for sure she was judging me, my loud kids, and my lack of control over them. She continued to stare the entire time.

Towards the end of our meal she came over and told me I was a good mother– a really good mother. And that I was patient (which isn’t usually the truth). Anyway, I was REALLY surprised, and thankful for her kind words. Motherhood is not easy, and many times we feel like we fall short. But there’s still a lot of good things happening in the midst of that.

…And then my oldest made the loudest burp I have ever heard without covering his mouth. A young woman turned around and laughed, and after I apologized she said not to worry because she thought it was funny.

People are good, y’all. And life is better when we see and assume goodness. Many times our worries are much worse than what people are actually thinking.

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