Mother Daily Prayers For Her Disabled Son Will Bring You To Tears.

Story by Jillian Benfield

A Parent’s Back-To-School Prayer for their Child with a Disability: I pray my child is embraced for who they are.

I pray they are wanted not in spite of their differences, but because of them. May their diversity be celebrated.

I pray teachers and staff have a healthy balance of patience and high expectations because they are capable of much.

God, I pray you open up my child’s mind with readiness to grow. May they learn more about your world, so they can fully embrace the beautiful life you’ve given them.

God, I pray kindness abounds. May it flow steadily from both kids and adults through the classroom, playground, and hallways.

Beyond kindness, beyond inclusion, I pray my child makes a real friend. Because life is hard, having a disability in an inaccessible world can be complicated, and we all need someone to lean on.

God, this is my prayer above all, more than academic progress or meeting IEP goals, I pray my child walks into school every day knowing they belong.


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