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Jennifer Coolidge Looks ‘Pregnant’ at 61 – She Explained Why She Lives ‘Secluded Life’ without Husband And Kids.

Jennifer Coolidge, at 61, was pictured exiting Vanity Fair’s star-studded Oscar gala at the Wallis Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills on March 12, 2023. With a silk black figure-hugging gown, the actress appeared every inch the blond bombshell.

The outfit, which highlighted her curves, included built-in gloves. When she waved to those present at the 95th Academy Awards, the actress looked like a Greek Goddess, her golden hair free in a flowing way.

Aside from a few pieces of jewelry, the actress from “The White Lotus” wore a black handbag as an accessory. People magazine posted two Instagram photos of Coolidge at the ceremony the day following her appearance.

One follower remarked on her appearance, saying they “definitely” adored her, but the outfit made her “look pregnant.” The actress’s stylist, according to her admirer, should have known better.

Another person didn’t seem to enjoy Coolidge’s attire, writing, someone took the ruching a touch too far, while another praised her, adding, that’s mum. Although the diva is generally quite quiet, she has spoken out about her personal life on a few occasions.

Coolidge discussed her dating situation after acting in “American Pie” in 2013. After finishing the film, the actress said that she dated younger guys for the following ten to fifteen years.

For over a year and a half, the actress claimed she’d been seeing someone who was witty, clever, and gorgeous. She characterized the mystery guy as the entire package, but she didn’t reveal anything further about him or what happened to him.

She declared on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards in 2022 that she was searching for individuals to date. Coolidge said that she had been delighted about someone whose name she couldn’t remember, only to find out that day that he had died!

In January 2023, the comedian was questioned about why she did not love herself as much as her admirers did. The actress began by saying she didn’t know before revealing her relationship history, saying she has never met somebody who is exactly right for her. She hasn’t discovered her true love.

Coolidge said that she had made poor decisions, which had made her insecure and led her to believe she wasn’t very good. Others approached her at the airport when they had nothing better to do and complimented her.

People in Hollywood would approach Coolidge and tell her she was wonderful, but the only way she knew they meant it was if they hired her. In addition to never meeting the ideal partner, she is one of the rare celebrities who has never welcomed kids.

The “Legally Blonde” actress appeared on BuzzFeed Celeb in January 2020, when she read fan messages. The actress revealed that she didn’t have children as she felt “barren,” and she once stated that she’d been in the profession since she was 30, but she didn’t know anybody when she went to parties.

Coolidge said that the only individuals she would recognize at the event would be her fellow actor buddies. The actress admitted to living a “isolated existence” in New Orleans, with the only people she knew being her The Groundlings coworkers.

In a December 2017 Instagram picture, she humorously captioned a photograph of a sleeping dog, “I adore my boyfriend!!!!!” She’s offered her admirers peeks into her life throughout the years, such as when she exhibited the view from her apartment while standing next to one of her other dogs in October 2022.

In July of that year, she shared a rare Instagram snapshot of the interior of her house, which included a stuffed animal, portraits, carpets, and candles, all of which contributed to a homey ambiance. She posed with one of her other canines in March 2019 while wearing designer sunglasses.

Coolidge posted a photo of her messy bedroom, which appeared to be a hotel room, in April 2021, prompting an admirer to tell her to “clean your room.” Another admirer thought the message was humorous and urged the celebrity to clean things up.

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