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Veteran Tragically Dies Of Cancer Just 5 hrs After Getting Married – Let’s Send Our Prayers.

The world conceals a great deal of uncertainty. Now you are well, and tomorrow you will be battling for your life in a hospital bed.

Tristin Laue, a 20-year-old army veteran who had been fighting liver cancer for two years, was the unhappy victim of this life event.

Tristin was taken by the angels barely five hours after marrying his fiancee on April 27th. Tristin started his profession at a young age, having graduated from high school in July 2016. But destiny had other plans, as his health began to deteriorate while he was on duty.

In April 2018, the army had to release him from service due to medical reasons. He had been diagnosed with a rare kind of cancer.

Tristin’s time was running out, and his health was deteriorating by the day. Tianna Hargrafen, the love of his life, stood with him throughout. Except for marrying his love, he found no other satisfactory way to spend his dying moments.

Tristin took a daring step by proposing to Tianna on Easter. Their family had been quite supportive throughout, even pushing for a wedding. Tristin and Tianna were to be officially married under the auspices of love in only two days.

The wedding took place in Tristin’s garden in Waverly, where family and friends came to celebrate their youthful and everlasting love. Tianna broke down in tears when speaking about their love for Tristin. She went on to describe how her mom embraced their youthful love and cheered her throughout the adventure.

Her mom witnessed how Tristin and Tianna cared for each other. The pair shared something precious and unusual with her that most people who spend more time together cannot fathom.

Tristin and Tianna have the same birthdate, which is May 11. Tristin’s dad expressed his feelings and said that his son would be greatly missed. He discussed how love should not be taken for granted since one never knows what tomorrow brings.

On Saturday, Tristin’s memorial service was conducted at Crosspoint Church in Waverly. His high school friends gathered together to commemorate him with a memorial bench and carved the hero’s name on it. Tristin battled valiantly and will be remembered fondly by his family, wife, and pals.

May his spirit find peace. The emotional wedding ceremony may be seen in the video below.

Is Tianna and Tristin’s tale meaningful to you? Do you want this young hero and love to get the credit they deserve? Share their tale and let this couple’s story inspire millions.

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