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Scientist Stephen Hawking Said God Doesn’t Exist, 11-Yr-Old Genius Is Out To Prove Him Wrong.

Our children may grow up to achieve exceptional things, but most do not grow up to be astrophysicists. Scientist Stephen Hawking said that God does not exist, but one 11-year-old prodigy called William Maillis is trying to prove him incorrect.

William Maillis seemed to be an average child until he began speaking in complete phrases at the age of six months! William, according to his dad, would grow up to accomplish much more. William Maillis, who was born in Pennsylvania, distinguished himself from his classmates at every stage of his life. William grasped addition at the age of 21 months. At the age of two, he was doing multiplication problems and reading kids stories. If reading wasn’t enough for William, he penned his own nine-page short tale titled “Happy Cat.”

When William was four, he began learning Greek, solving math problems, and studying sign language. He had studied a geometry textbook of over 200 pages in one night at the age of five. He was solving circumference issues the following day.

William finished high school, yes, high school, in May 2016, when he was nine years old. In the autumn of 2017, William enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University.

William was raised by his mother and father in the Christian religion. Peter Maillis, William’s father, is a Greek Orthodox priest. If William’s life hasn’t already been filled with accomplishments, he hopes to be an astrophysicist and use science to further his beliefs. He seeks to debunk parts of Albert Einstein’s and William Hawking’s ideas by using science to show God exists.

William Maillis wishes to demonstrate to the scientific community that God exists.

Before humans knew science, it was natural to think that God created the cosmos, as Stephen Hawking famously observed, but today science gives a more plausible explanation.

He wants to be an astrophysicist so he can show the scientific world that God exists, William said.

When challenged about his ambition, William said that there are atheists who claim that there is no God, but in truth, believing that there is no God requires more faith than believing that there is a God. Because something creating the cosmos makes more sense than the universe creating itself. Since it is more rational, saying the cosmos created itself requires more faith than saying somebody else created the universe.

It is very great that William understands his intellect as a gift from God and desires to use it to glorify Him. Everyone has God’s talents. He was endowed with wisdom, science, and history, stated William.

Apart from his academic achievements, William’s parents describe him as a “typical” child. He enjoys video games, athletic activities, technology, and watching television.

William has a promising future. And if his history demonstrates his aptitude, he will do great things in his life and share a wealth of information with others. One day, he may be capable of showing scientific atheists how science may help humans comprehend God instead of refuting His existence.

Watch: William Maillis Discusses His Faith.

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