Joe Mantegna Is Married for 46 Years to High School Friend Who Paused Her Dream to Support His Career

Joe Mantegna is an extremely celebrated actor and his nuptial to Arelene Vrhel is incredible. He met Arelene when he was only in high school and ever since their love has bloomed into something fabulous.

The twosome was part of the same play while they were in the same drama club at school and few years later, their bond turned out to be romantic. Joe was at Morton East High School in Cicero, Illinois, whereas Arlene was at Morton West High School.  

They encountered yet again after few years when the pair had been cast in a play at a theatre in Chicago. It was at this phase in their lives that their bond turns into romantic. Joe memories that play and the reminiscences related with it rather frequently.

Though the duo recognized soon that they are made for each other but they continued unmarried for a while. The pair decided to get married in 1975 on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Through this period, Joe was at work on Broadway and trying to make his way onto small screen. And as anybody can visualize, it was not a cosy transition. Arelene remains by his side while Joe waited for calls about roles. She stood by his side as the actor shifted them to Los Angeles with all their possessions.

Joe eventually got an opportunity with “Glengarry Glen Ross.” After his character in the film, he was frequently getting casting calls for larger productions.  

The duo lastly settled down on a beautiful property in Toluca near Burbank and Arelene stood by his side, devoting her time and determination to preparing her partner for more accomplishment.

There are myriad tales of the twosome’s love for one another and Arlene’s endless care. While Joe once performed in Goodman Theatre, he fails to recall his dialogues leading to a difficult stillness. Arelene hurried to her spouse’s side in a pause in the play and gave him an uplifting embrace which aided him get through the rest of the play magnificently enough to be famous as brilliant by critics.

Joe makes sure to express thanks Arelene every single opportunity he gets. Once he said that outside his immediate family, Arelene is the only one who has struggled with him. He further said that she is been able to be part of it all, contribute toward it all and see his dreams turning into reality.

And like his partner’s relentless backing to him, he made certain to care her as well. He assisted her accomplish one of her visions of possessing a restaurant in Burbank in 2003 by the name of “Taste Chicago”.

The couple has been wedded for nearly 50 years in 2022. Their journey was not always smooth though and it has had its ups and downs as well. Joe said that he won’t say that life’s been flawless and he never had a rough phase but what they have done is they have hung on. He further said that the longer you hung on, the better it got.

The twosome is also delighted parents to two brilliant daughters. Their daughter Gia Mantegna, is an expert actress with honors of her own. The couple is also part of various charities. Joe also happens to be the representative for the National Army Museum.

The duo has fairly constructed a stunning life together and still love each other’s company just like they did when they first encountered.

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