Mother Is Heartbroken After Thugs Vandalize Grave Of Two Little Brothers Who Died From A Rare Condition

Steph Green lost her two little lads, Harry and Cody Churchill, to epidermolysis bullosa within days of one another.

After this heart-breaking incident, Steph is now coming forward to rebuke the thugs who devastated the grave-site of her dear kids. Steph’s old wounds were resurfaced six years after her kids demises due to the activities of some unidentified miscreants. The anonymous thuges ripped into the kids’ grave, abolishing and take away both souvenirs and toys.

Steph clarifies that the best she can wish for is that her lads will be permitted to rest in peace and because of these miscreants, that hope has been demolished. She speaks that her lads grieved plenty during their lives and that she dislikes to think of them enduring to grieve now.

Instead of a penalty, the mother just wishes the miscreants to come forward and offer an admission of guilt along with replies as to why they decided to disorder her kid’s grave.

The cops clarify that the misconduct has been very destructive to the family and it has brought their wounds back that were just starting to settle. A proper enquiry is happening to find the criminals. The cops are requesting anybody with info to come forward and also plead with the offenders to look to their moralities and feel bound to step forward and offer a request for forgiveness.

The awful incident happened soon before Harry’s tenth birthday, making the whole occurrence much tougher on everybody. At the time of their demises, Harry was three and Cody was 21-months. 

Epidermolysis bullosa is an erratic hereditary ailment where kids experience very delicate skin that often erupt due to even the slightest wounds.

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