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Joe Pesci Took The Home Alone Producer By The Collar For This.

Did you know the interesting backstory of your favorite Christmas movie?

Joe Pesci, who played Harry Lime in the film “Home Alone,” is an enthusiastic golfer in real life. Harry, was banging golf balls near the Home Alone set when he wasn’t banging crowbars with fellow Wet Bandit Marv.

Throughout the production, producers attempted to book Pesci for early call times. When he found out, Pesci grabbed a producer by the collar and walked him through why 7 a.m. call hours weren’t going to work for him.

It wasn’t that the 7 a.m. call time was too early; it just conflicted with Pesci’s morning routine of playing nine holes. Pesci eventually got his wish, and call times were pushed out to 9 a.m., giving him enough time to report to the course before reporting to the set.

The Oscar-winner ultimately got what he wanted…

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