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Students Record Video As Disabled Teacher Is Brutally Attacked, Cops Say They Think It May Have Been A TikTok Challenge.

Larrianna Jackson, an 18-year-old high school girl from Covington, Louisiana, was detained during an altercation at Covington High School. Jackson was speaking with a 64-year-old disabled professor inside a high school classroom when things took a terrible turn as the pupil started pummeling the professor as other students watched and videotaped.

Other pupils in the classroom took shocking footage of a female, subsequently known as Larrianna Jackson, standing near a teacher, having a chat with the professor, who is seated in a chair at the desk. After a brief conversation, Jackson is seen punching the teacher without apparent provocation. Be cautious: the video may be hard to view for some people.

The startled professor is thrown out of her chair as Larrianna Jackson launches her attack. Even after being thrown to the ground, Jackson refuses to quit. Rather, she is shown continuously pummeling the woman, purportedly unprovoked, and hitting her with her fists.

The professor was simply talking to the kid about a grade, and the youngster was just stating their side, and then all of a sudden the professor was assaulted by the student. Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst of it.

Instead of being outraged by the conduct and reporting it to officials, the pupils opted to broadcast the footage on social media, forcing investigators to wonder the genuine reason. The cell phone video evidence of the brutal assault on the professor rapidly went viral after being shared to Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, attracting the attention of the Covington Police Department.

While police stated they were uncertain of the purpose for the incident, they did reveal that they believed it was part of a TikTok dare. The purpose of the risky social media challenge called as the “Smack a Teacher” is to attack a teacher while recording the attack on tape. After the challenge started circulating online, officials cautioned schools and parents that such a dare may result in serious criminal penalties.

According to a St. Tammany Parish School Board representative, the professor had wounds that needed medical care and was brought to the hospital following the incident. She was finally discharged from the hospital and is now recuperating at home. She is badly battered and injured, and she is in a lot of suffering, Superintendent Jabbia added.

Shortly after the incident, the school board promised that “proper disciplinary action” would be taken against the pupil, and the cops did the same, arresting 18-year-old Larrianna Jackson on a felony charge of violence on a school teacher. She was arrested and put into the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

Other pupils, in addition to Jackson, may face charges once authorities locate the individuals who captured the footage and verify whether or not they were aware of the attack before it occurred. Jackson, who sported a smug smirk in her mugshot, was said to be unhelpful with the inquiry.

Speak to your children, parents. If they even consider such a “challenge” for a second, it’s time for punishment, an action, and perhaps even some harsh love. This is a flat-out, deliberate effort to conduct a crime against an individual, Anna Fusco, a teachers’ union president in Broward County, Florida, stated of such challenges.

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