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John Goodman Marks 33rd Wedding Anniversary with Wife Who Once Saved Him After He Called Her ‘Shaking.’

On October 27, 2022, John Goodman and Anna Beth Goodman will celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. The pair has been blissfully married their whole marriage, but they have gone through terrible situations that lead to their union.

In 1988, the pair had a basic meeting, which led to a chain of events that neither could have predicted. They did, though, make it through the tough moments together in order to live a happy and complete life in love.

Goodman and Anna met at a Halloween party when Goodman was filming “Everybody’s All American,” and Goodman revealed the first time he saw his wife in an interview with Elle.

When asked how their first discussion began, Goodman stated that Anna initiated it. He stated that he went to this Halloween party, and she approached him and said, ‘Hi.’ He couldn’t figure out why anybody that was attractive was talking to him.

Goodman also revealed to Seth Meyers that when he and his wife first met, she mistook him for a zombie. He then admitted to long-distance stalking her following their initial meeting at Tipitina’s music club.

Soon later, Goodman proposed to his wife. Goodman outlined the concept on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Kelly Rippa inquired as to whether Goodman recalled how he proposed to his wife, and he affirmed that he did.

Goodman claimed that he proposed to his wife on the banks of the Mississippi River. He mentioned it was in the French Quarter, but Anna was not surprised by the suggestion. Goodman revealed they ‘d been expecting it for a while. They proceeded to the jewelry store before going down to the water.

When the couple decided to create a family, they had reconsidered where they had resided. Molly Evangeline, their first child, was born a year after they married in 1989. Soon later, the family relocated away from Hollywood.

The couple wanted to raise their kids away from the limelight and recognized that Hollywood was not the right location for them. The family established itself in New Orleans’ Garden District.

They’ve been together for 33 years, moved away from their former home, and started a family together. Along the road, the pair has experienced several hurdles.

Goodman had been clean for eight years when he died in 2018. Prior to this point, though, he fought with addiction on a significant scale. Goodman was dealing with alcoholism and felt he was concealing it effectively.

The “Roseanne” actor admitted to drinking at work yet felt he was deceiving everybody since he was still getting jobs. He subsequently stated that he was not deceiving anyone.

He said that his speech was slurred and that his face would become red when he was “liquored up,” indicating to the crew that he had a problem. Nevertheless, one occurrence demonstrated that he needed to rethink his habits.

Goodman claimed that he once claimed to be playing golf with his mates after drinking all weekend. He was supposed to accept an Emmy Award, but he was inebriated and missed the practice.

He admitted that he was shaking by Sunday morning, but he was still drinking. He knew his wife might assist him, so he said he realized he needed to be admitted to the hospital. He dialed his wife’s number, which was the equivalent of giving himself in to the Gestapo. And she made some calls, and they got him into a treatment facility, where he detoxed and realized he loved the feeling.

When Goodman weighed 400 pounds, he realized he required to make a lifestyle change. He stated that the first item to go was alcohol, and that stopping alcohol was the solution to many of his issues.

He did, however, make other modifications. His diet is one of them. He began to watch his portions and substantially reduced his sugar intake. He said that he considered if he actually needed something before eating it.

He explained that lean proteins, fruits, veggies, and protein drinks are now part of his diet. Goodman also started exercising on a regular basis. He got a personal trainer and works out frequently.

Goodman was able to shed more than 100 pounds. When discussing his weight reduction journey, he stated that it was not just about losing weight but also about unlearning all of the terrible habits he had developed over the years.

According to Goodman, eating correctly and exercising frequently seemed like a lifetime in recovery. While this may appear to be a negative statement, Goodman added that it was a “work of love.”

With “The Off Camera Show,” Goodman discussed having a family and parenting his daughter. He added that he and his family relocated to a more rural area of New Orleans, where his daughter was able to attend a terrific school that she enjoyed. Goodman, on the other hand, had reservations about his ability as a father.

He said that he was the breadwinner and supplied for his family, so he rationalized his bad behavior by claiming that his family was financially secure. He then stated that he had never discussed the impact of his drunkenness on his daughter.

Although he did not discuss his daughter’s sentiments with her, he did express his feelings towards her, saying s he turned out beautifully. She did, however, have her mom and grandma to teach her etiquette.

Goodman gives credit to his wife for rearing their kid as he battled drugs. Goodman and Anna are a lovely couple, and we wish them many more years of happiness, health, and blessing together.

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