To ensure her spouse isn’t cheating, she sniff his soiled underpants.

Kimberly Flores, a Guatemalan model and entrepreneur, has invented an intriguing — albeit illegal — method of determining if her spouse has been cheating: she smells his filthy underpants to sniff out prospective love rivals. She described the infidelity scent test on the reality show “Rica, Famosa, Latina” (Rich, Famous, Latin).

She always checks the credit card costs, the calls at midnight, and even smells his underwear and even the ‘likes’ on Instagram,” Flores, 33, said, detailing how she knows if her spouse of three years, Mexican musician Edwin Luna, is faithful.

Luna, 35, has since posted the excerpt with his 3.6 million Instagram followers, asking whether it was proof his other half was “toxic.”

Obviously, the video divided viewers, with some accusing the smelling-underwear model of being domineering and pathological. Others, however, assumed she made the announcement in humor, as indicated by the fact that even her lover was mocking it.

The loud celebrity even exclaims at the end of the same footage on Luna’s Instagram, she insists she is not toxic, mocking Flores’ supposed comment. The camera switches to his wife, who raises an inquisitive brow.

Regardless of the gravity of Flores’ assertion, celebrities are said to have resorted to strange and intrusive methods of ascertaining whether loved ones have whooped.

T.I. was slammed online in 2019 for infamously boasting about having a doctor examine his daughter’s hymen to prove her virginity.

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