Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Say Amber’s Words Did Her in, Not Social Media.

Johnny Depp certainly acknowledges the role of TikTok, but his lawyers deny that it had any influence on the result, claiming that Amber Heard’s evidence damaged her with the jury.

Camille Vasquez, who had recently been promoted to partner at her legal firm, and Ben Chew told  that their approach was to use Amber’s own remarks against her, meticulously formulating questions based on her past statements. Vasquez feels that testified in court all they needed to know about Amber.

Johnny Depp's legal team discusses victory in defamation case

“He was over the moon … I feel that finally after six years he's gotten his life back.” Johnny Depp’s lawyers Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew share the actor’s reaction to his legal victory in court against Amber Heard and discuss the aftermath of the defamation case. MORE:

Posted by Good Morning America on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

In response to Team Amber’s argument that the jury was swayed by the tremendous support for Johnny on social media, especially TikTok, which Depp entered Tuesday, Chew claims it “had no effect whatsoever,” and the jury made their decision based solely on the facts provided by both sides.

Furthermore, the jury was not confined, and the allegation is that they could not have avoided the torrent of comments supporting Johnny and denouncing Amber.

Vasquez also dismissed the notion that Johnny’s decision had harmed the #MeToo movement, stating, any victim is encouraged to come forward. Domestic abuse is not gendered. She said, the truths remained as they were. Depending on those circumstances, the jury reached a unanimous conclusion.

Chew and Vasquez deliberately avoided a question concerning the potential of Johnny reaching an agreement in which he would absolve Amber of the $8.35 million judgement and she would not file an appeal, as she has stated she plans to do.

Take note of their response- Chew asserted attorney-client privacy, but stated that Johnny was never concerned with making money from the lawsuit and merely wanted his name restored.

Johnny Depp might WAIVE $8,000,000 damages claim against Amber.

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