Two Uvalde Students to Be Buried Next to Each Other, Texted ‘I Love You’

Lifelong pals and victims of the Uvalde school massacre will be laid next to each other, according to their parents, who said the two had a remarkable affinity.

According to an interview, Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez and Xavier James Lopez will be put to rest this week at Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery in Uvalde, with their parents burying the pals side by side.

The two were dear companions that went to Robb Elementary School, first gathering as little children and proceeding to construct their kinship as they grew up together.

As they progressed in years, they’d message each other things like “I love you” around evening time … furthermore Annabell would wear a necklace with a picture of Xavier on it.

On the day of the killing, both children earned prizes at school, posed for a photo together before going to class and then disaster occurred  an hour later.

21 individuals passed on at Robb Elementary- instructor Arnulfo Reyes, who lost Annabell, Xavier  and the rest of his class, recalls Xavier constantly putting a joy on Annabell’s face.

It’s heartbreaking. May the families who lost their loved ones find peace and comfort. 

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