Johnny Depp allegedly ‘suffers from erectile dysfunction’

According to Amber Heard’s attorneys, Johnny Depp apparently has erectile difficulties, as evidenced by unsealed court filings.

Although Mr. Depp would prefer not to divulge his erectile dysfunction diagnosis, the March 28 petition states that such condition is unquestionably pertinent to sexual assault, including Mr. Depp’s rage and use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard.

Heard’s attorneys contend that Depp’s purported medical condition had a role in his allegedly aggressive behavior toward his ex-wife.

Depp’s physical condition makes him more prone to become “angry or upset,” which causes him to become aggressive, according to the Aquaman actress’ legal team.

Heard reported that although he took erectile dysfunction medicine, its poor results just served to aggravate him, and in one case, Heard alleges that he took it out on her.

She claimed, she termed it furious sex that Johnny could not completely do. Numerous times, he would toss her into the bed and then violently force himself on her.

Additionally, the actress said that Depp would spend a lot of time drinking with his friends, including her father David Heard and shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, and that he would return home “much more sexually and verbally aggressive.”

Heard also claimed that despite Depp’s assurances that he’ll take care of her she maintained her financial independence the whole time the two were together.

She claimed Johnny intended to own her completely and would battle her on every task. He spoke in an abhorrent manner about working actresses. He considered being an actor to be sinful and the same as being a w***e.

In April, Heard and Depp appeared in court in Virginia for a six-week trial to address the claims of abuse made throughout the couple’s relationship. The couple wed in 2015, but lived apart for a little more than a year before formally separating in 2017.

Heard said that Depp had mistreated her beginning in 2013, the year she said she had been sexually raped by members of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Heard testified in May that her ex-husband threatened to “carve up” her face with a bottle of alcohol after allegedly raping her in 2015.

She breathed deeply and fought back tears as she stated, she didn’t know whether the bottle he had inside of her had shattered. She was unable to feel it. She was unable to feel anything.

According to court records, the alleged incident took place when Depp was recovering from a severed finger and claimed Heard had thrown a vodka bottle at him while they were in Australia.

The actress from Aquaman reportedly told her supervisor that she did sever Depp’s finger when she hurled a bottle of vodka at him, according to newly released records retrieved on August 1.

Speaking about the finger incident in her deposition was Jennifer Howell, a former friend and Whitney Henriquez’s supervisor.

She recalls that while the two were in Australia filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Amber’s sister yelled in the office, “she’s hacked off his Goddamn finger.”

Throughout the defamation trial, which finished in June with a judge agreeing with Depp, Depp consistently disputed the allegations of sexual abuse made by his ex-wife, despite the charges made by the Aquaman actress.

A jury determined that Heard defamed Depp in a newspaper opinion article that was published in 2018 and sentenced her to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million in June.

The newly released court filings also revealed that Heard declined a settlement from Depp in their divorce that might have given her tens of millions of dollars.

Since the couple was still married, Heard might have asked for half of Depp’s $33 million salary from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Documents obtained, however, reveal that Heard disregarded advice from her legal counsel to refrain from suing Depp for the full sum.

Heard will have to pay just over $8 million after receiving $2 million from Depp in a countersuit.

After being found guilty of defamation, Heard was sentenced to pay Depp a total of $8.3 million, but she claims she lacks the funds to do so.

The Aquaman actress has appealed the judge’s decision, which was made on July 21.

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