Science Experiment At Home Goes Horribly Wrong And 12-Year-Old Boy Needs Prayers

***WARNING: This article addresses a subject and contains visuals that may be too upsetting for certain audiences***

May we all be able to recall what it was like to do scientific projects for school as middle school students. My middle school still makes use of a plastic cup that I once burned when I placed it over a Bunsen burner rather than a glass one.

Along with the confusion, the replacement instructor who was working in the lab that day was fired and never returned to the classroom. The school was evacuated as a result of her racing over to our station and attempting to put out the fire by tossing a blanket on top of it, as my classmates still recall.

Accidents do, after all, occur. And when we are facing a crisis, we could need a lot of kindness, compassion, and prayer, especially from Barrett McKim.

At-home science experiment goes wrong

For his scientific project, Barrett McKim employed the appropriate tools and equipment, including safety glasses. He was conducting the science experiment at home when a terrible mistake was made. The entire undertaking, involving his body and clothes, caught fire.

Barrett’s eyes were spared by the protective goggles, and luckily his mom was helping. She leapt in and started putting out the fire as soon as she first noticed it. Barrett tragically received third-degree burns on 30% of his body and had 50% of his body scorched by the flames, in part because of a synthetic clothing he was wearing.

Doctors treated her for burns on her hands when Barrett and his mother arrived at the hospital. Barrett was taken to a burn treatment facility in the meanwhile, where he will require many skin transplant procedures.

His uncle, Stephen Schlautman, started praying as soon as his family learned about the science experiment that had gone wrong at home. He then invited prayer warriors to raise him up for recovery and created a “GoFundMe” website to assist with paying his medical expenditures.

Update: Barrett is out of surgery. Dr Hassan said he did very well. He received skin grafts on 35-38% of his burns….

Posted by Millie Kate Schlautman on Friday, 15 July 2022

Barrett’s uncle took the initiative to create the contribution page and beg for prayer. Barrett loves science and has conducted several experiments, he added. His goggles, which he wore while doing the experiment, are proof that he is careful.

Prayers for the Recovering Young Boy

Uncle Stephen revised the contribution page following Barrett McKim’s sixth operation. Barrett and his parents will reside in the hospital for weeks, if not months, he said. They ask the Lord to keep mending skin, and they ask that everyone will be astounded by a healing that goes further than what they believe is humanly possible.

Let’s all pause to pray that God would heal Barrett’s body and strive to instill a passion for science in him.

We hope Barrett heals fast and never loses his enthusiasm for science!

Update on my nephew Barrett McKim: STAIRS! Barrett went up and down stairs! Therapy is such hard work! Barrett is…

Posted by Millie Kate Schlautman on Tuesday, 26 July 2022

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