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Jon Stewart & Wife Tracey Turned Their 12-Acre Farm Into A Safe Haven For Abused Animals.

Most of us remember Jon Stewart as the brilliant presenter of The Daily Show from 1999 until 2015. Over the years, the 58-year-old has made headlines for his unrivaled sense of justice, whether it was battling for firemen and troops who became ill as a result of the devastating 9/11 assault or delivering an impassioned and passionate address to Congress. But few are aware of a heartfelt cause for which he continues to promote. The comedian is one of the rare celebrities who owns a 12-acre farm where abused animals are cared for.

Stewart’s processes started in 2013, when he and his wife Tracey made the decision to buy a huge farm in New Jersey for all the right reasons. While the couple’s original intention was to establish their own farm sanctuary as well as an educational center, on October 24, 2015, they announced that their Bufflehead Farm property has legally become a Farm Sanctuary. This advocacy group’s goals include challenging the factory farm system, educating the public about animals, and providing a safe place for injured animals. They already have three safe havens in the United States, and the Stewarts’ property would be the fourth.

Many creatures, such as two piglets named Anna and Maybelle, have sought refuge on the farm since it opened its doors. Both were rescued from a swine factory after falling off a freight loader while being carried to a stockyard. The farm also has two guinea pigs, two fish, two hamsters, four dogs, and a parrot that were all rescued. Cows, lambs, chickens, goats, turkeys, and pigs were due to arrive shortly at New Jersey’s Bufflehead Farm. Stewart admitted in an interview that he was never a big fan of animals until he met his wife Tracey, a former veterinary technician.

Synchronized Snacking with Anna and Maybelle

Anna and Maybelle practicing the fine art of Synchronized Snacking.

Posted by Hockhockson Farm Foundation on Tuesday, 27 October 2015

According to PETA, the television host has subsequently become an animal champion, along with his wife, who is a vegan. While she don’t consume animals, her husband does, and because of their mixed marriage, they have opted to provide both diets to the kids and allow them make their own decisions about how and what they wish to eat, Tracey said in her book Do Unto Animals. She then goes on to present a roadmap for individuals to better comprehend animals and discover a way to live in harmony with other species such as goats, dogs, and even spiders.

For Stewart, caring for animals was a far cry from hosting a television program. But he seemed to be getting used to the lifestyle, perhaps since he had his wife at his side. He supposedly refers to himself as his wife’s “wingman” and appears to be living the vegetarian lifestyle. Stewart said during his Emmy speech that he misses the trappings of TV celebrity, but that farm life isn’t all terrible. He simply wishes to urge everybody on television — cling to it! he quipped after The Daily Show won Best Variety Talk Series at the 2019 Emmys.

He hasn’t seen television in six, seven, or however many weeks. This is the first time he’s heard applause. It’s a desolate wasteland out there. One becomes used to craft services. There are tables with food out there — but one can’t take it. It’s expensive, and very little of it is gluten-free or vegan, he stated. Before retiring, Stewart utilized his Daily Show platform to educate millions about the widespread cruelty to animals.

He didn’t even attempt to criticize New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for vetoing a law prohibiting gestation crates, to examine Sarah Palin’s nasty statement about pit dogs, or to debate the brutality of horse-drawn carriages with his guest Liam Neeson. He has always urged his Daily Show team to bring their dogs to work, and guess what, the Daily Show dogs have their own Facebook page!

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