‘She is my hero’: Proud mom holds photo shoot to celebrate her 4-yr-old beating cancer.

A happy mother has revealed stunning photos of her daughter Lula Beth Bowden, who battled stage 2 cancer at the age of three.

The Texas toddler carried a sign that said, “It came. We fought. I won.”

Lula was diagnosed with a kind of pediatric cancer known as ‘Wilms’ Tumor,’ and an almost football-sized tumor was removed along with her kidney in a 5-hour operation.

Lula was subsequently subjected to 13 cycles of chemotherapy over the course of 22 weeks.

To commemorate Lula’s battle with this heinous disease, her mother prepared a picture session in which she wore a glittering outfit and pink boxing gloves.

Her parents had to struggle for a correct diagnosis for Lula, and it wasn’t until they took her to the ER that doctors discovered a massive tumor developing on her kidney.

Kristin had to warn her daughter for the anticipated hair loss after the 5-hour procedure and explained she might have to shave her head as she did for Lula’s big brother.

Her response surprised the mom: ‘Let’s do it right now!’ Kristin said She’s her gal- 3 years old, unafraid of everything, and ready to undertake any challenge with elegance.

Lula faced her difficult road with courage and elegance, and her parents honored her victory over cancer on August 28 with a stunning picture shoot.

She’s attempted to capture this season in their lives so that they may look back on it forever, Kristin explained. This has been an extremely difficult period for them.

2020 will be a year we remember for the rest of their lives, Mom writes. It will be remembered as the year that radically transformed their life.

She will never again assume that ‘Oh, that won’t happen to her!’ Because it is possible. In this life, no one gets a free pass. They are all put through trials and tests, and they all learn in their own unique way.

This year has undoubtedly accomplished all of those. It has challenged their patience, pushed us to their boundaries, and somehow showed them all of the blessings—even through the bad.

Her heart has been eternally transformed. Her eyes are wide open. Her faith has grown exponentially. And she has no doubt that her family is strong enough to face anything that comes our way.

She is glad for this year, even though it has been difficult; it has given her strength, hope, and understanding.

She is her inspiration. She has generously gotten them through her difficult struggle, her mother wrote.

Lula, congratulations! You are a hero, and may your life be filled with all of the joy you deserve.

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