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Judge Brings Teens Who Killed Innocents To Tears After Uttering Several Words

A South Carolina judge took three teenaged accused of a fatal home attack to tears as he refused them bond on all charges.

Five males in South Carolina broke into the home of Kadeem Johnson, 28, who was gunshot and murdered in the home assault.

Authorities threw a huge hunt procedure for the accused and arrested three of them.

The three arrested accused, Jacob Mouzon, Drake Campbell and Kenneth Campbell Jr., appeared in a bond court before a judge fronting charge of armed burglary and attempted homicide.

Jacob Mouzon’s dad appeared in court to speak to the magistrate. The father said that his son is like any 18-year-old, head strong and he would like to apologize for his crime to the prey’s family. Jacob’s mother and sister also spoke to the judge.

Jacob’s mother said that her son is not a terrible individual like everyone thinks and her family is in tremor. Jacob’s sister said that he is her best buddy and he is not an evil being.

In spite of the family’s appeals, the judge refused bond for all three accused in detention. Authorities are vigorously probing for the other two accused.

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