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King Charles III’s Cousin Calls Royal Family’s Treatment Of Meghan Markle ‘Hellish Hazing’

People appear to be divided on how the royal family has handled Meghan Markle. Some say Meghan should have worked harder merely to follow tradition, while others claim she was correct to stand up for herself and her family.

Now, a relative of King Charles III is coming out about how harsh the family has been to Meghan, but she claims it is not unusual.

According to Christina Oxenberg, a member of Serbian royalty who counts King Charles III as a third cousin, the British royals have a long and frightening history of bullying women who date or marry family members.

According to her, only women who are “tough as nails” can endure the horrible treatment. While few, if any, members of Meghan’s family have admitted that she has gone through a lot, those remarks are undoubtedly powerful. She even provided Meghan some words of support.

She tells Meghan Markle, what she is going through is a horrific type of hazing, Christina Oxenberg went on. If she can just hang in there, someone else who can handle the heat will come along. Nobody is exempt. She even stated that Kate Middleton is among them.

The author and fashion designer recounted how Kate was referred to when she first started dating William. They thought it was all quite amusing, she claimed, referring to Kate Middle Class, Sarah Ferguson, and Koo Stark. They had no ill will against her; after all, she is the future Queen of England.

Nonetheless, there have been several reports this week of the royal family being quite chilly to Meghan at the late queen’s funeral rites. According to many reports, Kate Middleton did not talk to Meghan during the 10-day time of grief.

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