Single Mom of 5 and Her Son Die after Being Hit by a Car While Standing on the Roadside

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult situations anybody can go through, and it frequently occurs when we least expect it.

A woman and her adored kid were standing next to their car, contemplating the future and simply enjoying life—they had no clue what was about to occur next.

Jamie Krajewski and her 17-year-old son, Tyshon Harper, were well-liked members of their neighborhood. Tyshon, often known as “ducky” or “chubby,” was a talented athlete who competed in the Junior Football League.

Tyshon had a bright future, and he always made his mother proud. Jamie worked three jobs to make ends meet while also safeguarding her children’s well-being.

On Friday, September 16, 2022, the pair stood beside Interstate 395 in Putnam, Connecticut, unconcerned. They were obviously looking forward to the weekend, however destiny had other plans.

A car tragedy claimed the lives of the loving mother and her kid. Roland Krajewski, a family member, said it was hard to speak about the occurrence and that everybody was devastated as they attempted to come to grips with the catastrophe.

Roland was profoundly saddened by Tyshon’s death and highlighted what a big loss it was. Tyshon excelled in school and assisted around the house, frequently acting as the father role in his single-parent household.

Javon Harper, Tyshon’s brother, was broken, but he realized he had to stand up for his brothers. He said that his mom would have expected him to look after their family, so he did.

Norwich Public School Superintendent Kristen Stringfellow stated, please remember their family in one’s prayers as they mourn the devastating death of their mother and brother.

The incident left the whole Norwich community in sadness for the two beautiful lives that were cut short. Jamie, the family’s guardian, had died, and they worried how they would go on without the guy who had held them together.

The family’s world was flipped upside down in a fraction of a second, with no notice or opportunity to say goodbye. Tyshon’s cousin stated he learnt something from the duo that he would never forget that they taught him that donating isn’t something that should be considered; it should just be done.

Tributes and affection were pouring in for the fallen angels, and Tyshon’s football league teammates penned that if one had played with Tyshon, one would have heard his mother exclaim, ‘LETS GO CHUBBY!’ after every play, large or little!

Everybody recalled Tyshon’s closeness with his mother and commended Jamie for how much she adored and encouraged her children. She was an angel now, and she could watch over her family from heaven, accompanied by her son.

The family established a GoFundMe page where anyone may contribute monetarily. More than $27,000 has been contributed by September 21, 2022, to help with funeral expenses and any other needs the family may have.

They stated on the page: Jamie and Tyshon were tragically lost from them in a car crash. Jamie was a single mother of five kids who was always willing to assist anybody in need. Tyshon was a wonderful human being.

We express our sincere condolences and prayers to the family at this difficult time. May God give them the courage and determination to persevere.

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