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Judge Pays Man’s Fine After He Walked Five Miles To Court With Less Than A Dollar To His Name.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio, star of the famous show Caught in Providence, where real individuals have their cases heard in court, has performed an act of compassion that this guy will never forget.

Caprio not only got him off the parking violations, but went above and beyond at the house of justice after the guy walked for nearly an ‘hour and a half’ only to attend the court hearing—and with just ’92 cents’ in the bank.

Caught in Providence’s innocent moment, it has definitely impacted the hearts of the country.

Daniel Murray, the driver in the case, had “seven violations,” five of which were “parking tickets.”

Overall, Murray faced a $250 punishment for the fines and tickets, but it’s evident that he wasn’t able to come up with the money right away.

When he received the penalties, the driver remarked, “Thank you, Your Honor,” before asking whether he might pay the money back in installments.

“One quick question, Your Honour,” he said, “is there any way—can that be deferred a little bit?”

Murray said that he is just in a little bit of a financial situation.

When Caprio questioned Murray about how much he could now pay towards the punishment, Murray said that he had 92 cents in his account. He just walked from East Providence this morning to get over here.

Caprio asked Murray if he might ‘take an Uber’ after seeing Murray’s ‘five mile’ trip to the Rhode Island courts.

Murray said that he does not have any money. Not right, no, before going on to describe how he organizes ‘youth lacrosse’ programs.

Caprio then decided to support the poor guy with a little donation from his Philomena Fund, established after his mother.

He gave Murray $25 from the money and said that he wished he could take an Uber so he did not have to walk back.

The motorist gratefully accepted the generous gift, saying, “Thank you very much.” You saved me a lot of time and money today.”

Speaking of which, Caprio’s kindness did not end there.

The top judge said that they were going to help him out with these fines. They’re going to use this fund to pay for his fine, so he is going to be all set.

Murray, completely dumbfounded, exclaimed how grateful he is for their generosity.

Caprio said that he got 25 bucks to take an Uber. And he now has it. Let’s hope everything works out for him.

There was one condition, though.

The judge said, wait a minute. This is just half of the fight. That’s their responsibility; he must do his.

He added that he’ll have to help someone else. There are a lot of individuals out there who are dealing with similar issues, and he will be in a position to assist them. Don’t forget about them. Does he remember how he felt? So he must give back.

The video was then published on Facebook, where viewers couldn’t wait to express their responses to the kind gesture.

A Hike for Help

A motorist with less than a dollar to his name walks five miles to court to take responsibility for his parking violations. Chief Judge Frank Caprio #CaughtInProvidence

Posted by Caught In Providence on Sunday, 21 March 2021

“This judge is so impressive!” one Facebook user said.

“He’s just a fantastic judge full of compassion,” a second person said.

“This programme has helped me see there is a lot of good left in the world,” a third said.

There most certainly is.

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