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Teacher, 63, Viciously Attacked By Teen At Detroit High School — Then Students Turn The Tables On Attacker.

At Cody High School in Detroit, Michigan, Brandon Antisdel was one of three students who reacted angrily to a classmate’s vicious assault on a 63-year-old substitute teacher. When the kid ran up on the old lady, hit her, pushed her to the ground, and hit her again, Antisdel was dumbfounded. That is something no one should do, particularly to an elderly woman.

According to many published accounts, the 14-year-old suspect stormed into a math classroom about 10:30 a.m. and started beating the substitute teacher after she reported him for possessing narcotics. “I was doing my work, and I just looked up, and she was on the floor shaking and stuff,” student Keiontay Nelson told. “Like her head was all messed up.”

Antisdel, Nelson, and another student raced to assist the substitute teacher, shoving her assailant out of the classroom. Antisdel, Nelson, and another student pursued the suspect as he attempted to run. “My friend Keiontay and my man John, we all felt offended by it because that’s somebody’s grandmother,” Antisdel said. “So he bolted, and we pursued him.”

“All of a sudden, I hear bang, bang, and I’m sitting there, like, what happened?” stated John O’Neal, who assisted Antisdel and Nelson in launching their own assault on the youngster as they approached him in the corridor. After the suspect was on the ground, Antisdel, Nelson, and O’Neal gave him a taste of his own medicine, administering several strikes of their own, all of which were documented on a mobile camera.

The instructor was hospitalized but is in stable health and is expected to make a complete recovery. In addition, a security guard was injured while assisting other school personnel in separating the youngsters. The adolescent was furious with the instructor as she informed the school administration that he was in possession of marijuana at school, per district officials.

The 14-year-old suspect was apprehended after the unjustified assault, and he tested positive for marijuana, according to officials. The suspect’s dad talked after the event. The father said that he disagrees with his son’s behavior and is grateful that the instructor reported him. When questioned why he did it, his kid said it was since the instructor “snitched” on him.

She was just doing her job, the teen’s father told. Her job is to safeguard kids, he said. He noted that his kid was not raised in this manner, and he is grateful that the teacher not only reported his son to school officials, but also phoned him the day before the event to inform him that his son smelled like marijuana and was rude.

While the instructor was recovering from her wounds, the adolescent was detained at the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility in downtown Detroit on a variety of offenses, including aggravated assault. Meanwhile, the three students who intervened were praised for their efforts in halting the assault. Their rejection of their peers’ acts demonstrates that today’s inner-city children still have hope. Yes, there was one example of a youngster misbehaving in this narrative, but there were also three young men who did the right thing by calling out the misbehavior and safeguarding the innocent.

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