Young Punks Trap Girl On Train, Show Her A New Use For Earbuds.

Jessica Hughes, a DePaul University student, left college and rode the CTA Blue Line train back home alone, listening to music. Jessica observed a guy come closer to her, taking up the seat in front of her, after many of the passengers had gotten off at their different stations along the route. She had a strong sensation that something horrible was going to occur.

When the man saw his opportunity, he turned around and attacked the helpless adolescent. Jessica said that he went straight for her iPhone, which was in her pocket and linked to the headphones she was using. A lady who was accompanying the perpetrator leapt in and joined the assault on Jessica as the battle started.

He jumps up from his chair, goes on top of her, and asks her for her phone, but her phone was in her pocket, and she had her headphones on, so he was yanking at her headphones, and then he pushed her to the floor, and then he started beating on her head, Jessica told, recollecting how the attacker overpowered her by using her earbuds.

But the assault was just beginning, and what witnesses did while it was taking place has left her fearful for her life. The guy bit down hard on Jessica’s left hand while his female accomplice went for the teen’s face as the battle progressed as Jessica frantically fought to protect herself. The lady eventually shattered Jessica’s nose as witnesses stood by and did nothing.

Jessica said that there were two males standing nearby who she requested to assist her, but they declined. They just stood there and watched, she told. It appears that individuals simply do not want to get involved. Because no one stepped in to protect this child, her assailants escaped, leaving only grainy camera video and the victim’s description to hunt them down.

Jessica said she is merely hoping everything they need is on that video and they’re able to track down the people who did this to her. She characterized the assailant as a black male in his mid-20s. He was dressed casually in a blue Ralph Lauren polo cap, a gray sweatshirt, and loose trousers that sagged below his waist. She described the lady as an African American in her mid-20s with long black hair.

Jessica’s dad, Richard Amador, said that she may have been murdered if no one intervened to rescue her. It’s simply shameful, he remarked. He would certainly jump in and help, regardless of the consequences, since it’s another human being. He really hopes they locate these creatures.

As Jessica recovered from what occurred on the train, she was confronted with the harsh truth of today’s society. When two mature males can see a woman being attacked and have no instinctive response to defend her, society has degraded into a terrifying place. Real men would certainly stand up and assist another human being, particularly a young lady who is hardly more than a kid, since doing nothing indicates acceptance of what is occurring.

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