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Julia Roberts and husband made it to 20 years despite his ex-predictions and are now sending twins to college.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. It’s practically unheard of in Hollywood for a couple to be married for 20 years, yet this pair is still madly in love.

To commemorate the occasion, Roberts posted a snapshot of the couple kissing on Instagram. The caption on the post stated “Twenty” in big capital letters, with star emojis on either side.

She also included hashtags in the post, implying that the couple had not ceased smiling or kissing during their twenty-year marriage. The message received positive feedback from followers and friends.

Due to their unusual love story and the lovely life they have established for themselves and their kids, the pair has attracted admirers both as actors and as a couple.

Moder and Roberts met in 2000 while Roberts was filming “The Mexican” with Brad Pitt. Although they are now regarded as one of Hollywood’s longest-running couples, their relationship started with a controversy.

When Roberts and Moder met, she was dubbed “The Runaway Bride” because she had left prior relationships. Yet, it was not Roberts’ prior romances that hampered her relationship with Moder.

Vera Moder, Moder’s ex-wife, was outspoken about her opinions about Moder and Roberts’ marriage. Vera and Moder had just been divorced for one month when they married in 2002.

Vera stated that Roberts had been dating her husband while she and Moder were still married. She addressed Roberts and issued the following warning that Danny has a roving eye and he won’t change.

Vera even went so far as to brand Roberts a “husband stealer” since their connection started while he was still married. She also stated that the couple’s marriage will not endure and that Roberts would be seeking a new husband shortly.

While Vera attempted to portray Roberts as the reason for her divorce from Moder, Moder and Roberts eventually discussed the subject, informing the press that this was not the case.

Roberts stated that the timing made it simple to accuse her, but she was not the reason for her husband’s divorce. She stated that she didn’t mind being pointed at because she understood what was happening.

The actress then described the timeline of events from Moder’s divorce from Vera until his marriage to Roberts.

But, as Vera was furious over her ex’s involvement with Roberts, she did not grant Moder a divorce for several months. Roberts then retaliated passive-aggressively at Vera with a piece of clothing.

During the fight between Vera and Moder, Roberts wore a hand-made blouse with the words “A Low Vera” inscribed on it. Many assumed this was a jab at her lover’s ex-wife for interfering in their relationship.

Roberts then paid Vera to speed the divorce proceedings. She paid Vera $400,000 so she could sign the divorce papers and Roberts and Moder could finally go on with their lives.

Despite Vera’s conflicts, warnings, and prophecies regarding Moder and Roberts’ relationship, they remain one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. Roberts has frequently expressed her appreciation for her hubby.

Roberts and Moder had 3 kids since their marriage twenty years ago. Their twins, Hazel and Phinneaus, who were born in 2004, will be 18 in November 2022, and Henry, who was born in 2007, will be 15 in 2022.

The twins are now in college, and Roberts has expressed mixed emotions about her kids growing up and going away. Roberts expressed her excitement for her kids to get the college experience she never had.

Yet, she also stated that the prospect of her kids attending college made her “a bit light-headed,” yet she was curious to see how everything was going for her kids because it was something new to her.

Hazel, the couple’s only child, is described as courageous by her mom. This tag was given to her when she was twelve years old and donated her hair to Wigs for Kids. There isn’t much else known about Hazel.

Hazel’s twin brother, Phinneaus, is the more athletic sibling who likes skating and surfing. He’s even been seen out with his parents while holding his skateboard. That is all we know about the young man.

Henry, the couple’s youngest kid, likes skateboarding but has other hobbies. He is an expert at trampoline stunts and enjoys extreme sports such as riding BMX bikes and performing feats on ramps.

The couple is very quiet, which has kept their kids out of the public glare, thus nothing is known about them at this point. They do, however, have their parents’ unfailing encouragement in all of their activities.

While Moder and Roberts have a great relationship that the world admires, Roberts believes that their kids display them off to their full potential.

Roberts then said that her kids are her greatest success in life, surpassing all of the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life and profession as a Hollywood sweetheart. Moder and Roberts, on the other hand, insist on their children’s privacy.

The couple relocated to San Francisco when their kids were still small in order for them to have a regular existence. Roberts wished for her kids to develop as individuals rather than as the offspring of Hollywood stars.

Nobody cared or even knew who the Moder children’s parents were in San Francisco, according to a friend close to the couple at the time, so they could grow up with an usual childhood experience.

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