Teen daughter’s artificial eyelashes were chopped up by teachers, and her mom is upset.

Martina Cantor, 37, has spoken out after her daughter Rhenne was pulled aside for wearing fake lashes at Harris Academy Beckenham in south-east London.

The mother of three claims that instructors cut her daughter’s lashes after noticing they were stuck to her natural ones.

They didn’t warn the mom they were displeased, or ask Rhenne to get them out when she got home – they simply chopped them and performed a whole bodge job, leaving them all radically different lengths, Martina explained.

On one, it was dangerously close to her eyelid. A large part in the center was removed.

The mother claims that her kid wears fake lashes since her natural lashes are “quite little.”

Rhenne started wearing shorter lashes that aren’t much longer than her natural lashes as a solution.

However, the teacher spotted a curl at the end of the lashes.

Rhenne is at an age when she’s trying to discover herself, and she and her pals experiment with them – it’s a new fad, Martina remarked.

Other girls have worn them to school without incident.

Rhenne was escorted to her hub teacher after the pastoral leader took her away.

Afterwards, one of her pals said, ‘What happened to your lashes?’ she explained. Her pals made fun of her and she felt ashamed. It has now harmed her self-esteem.

From what she has read about restrictions, she is not aware of any explicit policy saying one can’t wear artificial eyelashes.

Martina returned to the school following the event and requested to talk with the staff members concerned.

They stated they were examining, and they must have spoken to the teachers involved, she explained.

Then she walked in again on Friday, and the safeguarding leader stated what they did was inappropriate, and they apologized for letting them down. The local government has also been notified.

They have been notified of an accusation from a parent to a Bromley school and they are presently looking into this, a Bromley Council spokeswoman said.

Further discussion would be inappropriate at this time.

The school has apologized to the family, according to a spokeswoman for Harris Academy Beckenham.

They stated that their uniform code prohibits pupils from wearing make-up or fake eyelashes.

This method, which is used in the majority of schools, shields students from undue peer influence.

For the rule to be successful, it must be enforced uniformly.

In this case, despite the fact that the staff member engaged had the best of intentions in consenting to assist the student in removing a pair of artificial eyelashes, they have apologized to the family concerned.

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